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The Ice Cream Coma

31 March 2011

The Ice Cream Coma

Life has been quite stressful and hectic for me these last few weeks.

We have moved into a new house, which has been great.

But my husband has been doing overtime – with his work and renovations for the new and old house – so he has been absent during the days and nights.

The kids are driving me insane. Refusing to do homework, collecting cockroaches for Science, not eating the food I cook, pushing school rules, explosive tantrums, leaving mess everywhere for me to clean up, refusing to be toilet trained, drawing on the walls, oh the list goes on.

I have zillions of emails to respond to, tasks are piling up, and my to-do list is just impossible!!

After a long day yesterday, I put all three kids to sleep… I staggered over to the couch, curled up under a blanket, turned on the tv, and I was about to indulge myself in an extraordinary display of self-pity and gluttony by eating as much ice cream as humanly possible.

However, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a tv report on Japan’s  disaster. I was completely shaken into perspective.

I put the ice cream back into the freezer, sat back on the couch and I shed a few tears for those who have been lost, and for those who have survived.

I counted my blessings for today, and I was grateful for all that was good in my life.

The ice cream coma may have to wait until next time.

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Lilies of eField – Spring Update

30 March 2011

Lilies of eField - Draped Dress

Last year I did a feature for Lilies of eField – an online shop with lots of fashion dresses and tops at very low prices.

Well I thought I’d do a new feature to show off some more nice stuff they stock.

I liked this Draped Magenta Dress, it’s pretty and simple. The material feels heavy and slinky and it looks slightly casual, rather than formal.

Lately I really like pairing camel colours with bright colours, so I thought this dress looked pretty cool with my camel leather jacket.

Lilies of eField - Teal Jumpsuit

This Toga Jumpsuit is the second jumpsuit that I’ve ever tried on – and it felt great to wear!

I have said before that I used to think that jumpsuits would make me feel short and frumpy, but I’ve discovered that they make me feel elongated and elegant.

I loved wearing it. The style and colour has a very 70s feel to it, which is quite cool.

LOEF have quite a large range of jumpsuits and playsuits all under US$28, so maybe if you’re not too sure about jumpsuits but want to give one a go, this is a pretty good place to start.

Lilies of eField - Blazer

I actually featured this outfit last week, but I want to bring your attention to the blazer.

This Black Bova Blazer is an absolute gem. The material and cut is really nice and in a classic style. It’s one of those blazers that you throw over any outfit and it looks great.

It is one of LOEF’s premier items, a Korean label selling in Korea and Hong Kong for S$100. But LOEF is selling it for S$89 (which is US$70). Bargain!

Check out more New Arrivals here.

Hope you find something you like, happy shopping!

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Living With No Boundaries

28 March 2011

Liam Wading

My little toddler, Liam, loves the water. And it scares me.

The kid has no fear.

The other day we went to the river for a swim.

He walked down the grassy slope, walked across the sand, stepped into the water and just kept walking and walking… all the while looking out at the horizon with glassy eyes.

I followed closely behind him, with my camera around my neck, shouting, “YO LIAM! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”

He just waded and waded – without looking back at me – until the water touched his chin.

Then he just stopped. And stood very still.

I was an arm’s reach away from him, but I just waited to see what he was doing.

It looked like an incredible moment.

What is my kid feeling right now?

He looked like he was playing out a movie scene where a person goes for a peaceful and tranquil swim in the ocean, signifying a watershed moment, of freedom, of cleansing, and savouring every precious detail and sensation of the moment – the bubbles tingling over the skin, the clicking sounds of the sea, the soft ebb of the waves.

But after a few moments, he turned around and said, “Did a wee mum”

“Ok.” I said.

And he returned to the shore.

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I Love Play Dates

25 March 2011

I Love Play Dates

One of the best things I’ve done as a mother was to find and join a good mothers group.

Although I’ve changed groups a few times (because of my location and the age of my kids) I’ve always had a solid bunch of girlfriends to meet up with on a weekly basis.

Well I just thought I’d share this great photo that sums up how much I love my stay-at-home-mum friends.

I enjoy the friendships, the warmth, the laughter, the tears… and the midday celebration just because.

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Designer Footwear: GlamRockChic

22 March 2011

Shoes by Glam Rock Chic

I recently got to know a new shoe brand and online shop, called GlamRockChic, and I really liked what I saw.

I found myself quite *connected* with where the brand pitched their products, and I was able to speak over email with the shoe designer, Sarah Chin.

She had worked 10 years with high end brands such as Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Gucci, D&G – experiences which strengthened her love for quality and design. But as a woman in a senior position working in the fashion and style industry, she became frustrated with the choice of shoes available to her – either too boring, too cheap looking or too expensive.

As I see it, GlamRockChic is for women (like me!) who want gorgeous, statement, designer shoes, made from luxurious quality materials, shoes that are realistically comfortable, BUT can’t afford to spend $1200 on them (like me!).

Their shoes are priced between US$110 to US$230 and if you check out their whole collection here, you can see that the designs look very nice indeed.

So! The team sent over a few pairs for me to test out!

They all fit perfectly. And they felt DELICIOUS to wear.

The first pair I’m wearing above, is called Heart and Soul. I actually wanted the beige pair, but they didn’t have it in my size, damn! I received the black ones instead and they are now my new favourite pair of shoes. The heart shape cut-out is so cute and the colour black makes it more versatile.

For my shoe testing, I wore the Heart and Soul shoes out to dinner and drinks one night. Because I parked a long way away from the restaurant, and I had to walk an extra distance to an ATM to get some cash, I found myself having to walk about 2km in those heels! In most cases I probably would have been limping and hobbling over in pain by the end of the walk, but no, I was still skipping along going – OMG these shoes are so COOOOMFFFYYYYY!

Shoes by Glam Rock Chic

I like that these shoe designs are nestled nicely between “everyday work shoe” and “make a statement shoe”.

I chose these ORANGE ones, for a bit more of a bold statement. The suede leather and metal chain looks stylish and glam, but the mid heel makes it very easy to wear to the office.

Shoes by Glam Rock Chic

And lastly, I thought I’d go for A VERY BOLD LOOK and chose these green ankle booties, Roxanne. They look so cool! Especially with the tassels and the snakeskin print detail.

Can’t wait to style them up and wear them out!

Also, if you’re interested, GlamRockChic designer, Sarah, has a blog where you can see lots of pretty photos of her shoe designs, sketches and inspirations and a sneak peak at her next collection.

Hope you find something you like :)

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Park Portraits at 35mm

21 March 2011

Portrait - Callum and Liam

I’m absolutely loving my Nikon DSLR and the 35mm f1.4 lens.

It makes it very easy to be addicted to taking portraits.

Just point and shoot.

I’ve discovered that it’s fabulous for taking portrait photos of the kids.

Portrait - Callum and Liam

The other evening, when the sun was just about to set, I dragged my kids out to the park. The little meadow glowed with a beautiful blue-green light.

They played on the slide – whooping, tumbling and giggling – for what seemed like hours. While I snapped away until I ran out of light.

Then I put away the camera and wrestled all 3 boys on the grass till we were eaten by mosquitoes.

Karen happy.

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An Autumn Evening with All Of The Above

18 March 2011

What I wore - Event

The other evening I went to the launch of a new creative agency in Perth, called All of the Above.

The founders are two friends of mine and I was so so happy and proud to support them. If you’re in Perth and looking for some talented people to do styling, photography or beauty work, do check out these guys.

This is what I wore for the event – just a simple outfit for a casual event.

I loved this combination of colours – dusky pink, camel, black and touch of gold. I received a lot of compliments on the night, which was very nice. Then my mum called me the other morning and told me that I (and this outfit) was in the newspaper, which was super-duper nice!! Yay for yummy Autumn colours!

Jacket: Al & Alicia

Shirt: Enjean Vintage

Shorts: P.O.P.O

Shoes: Betts

Jewellery: Wanderlust and Co

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Sand Boarding

17 March 2011

Sand Boarding

To take me completely away from the madness of my present moment (I’m in the middle of moving house!)… I was browsing through some holidays photos on my digital camera and this photo brought a big grin to my face.

We were on a family holiday up north of Perth early this year. We were with some friends by the beach and they invited us to go sand boarding.

I love hanging around the beach and doing beachy things, but I had never been sand boarding before.

It was not as crazy, dangerous or pointless as I thought it would be.

It was actually quite a lot of fun!

Especially for my kids.

It made me think. I could be talked into a whole range of dangerous and extreme sports.

As long as it was fun, and not life threatening, I’d do it.

One day I want to try wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, hand-gliding, bungee jumping…. and I’m still undecided about sky diving :)

I love that I have this photo!

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New Autumn Arrivals from Gosh

15 March 2011

Cape from Gosh

The team at Gosh Celebrity Fashion sent over some goodies for me to play with. I thought I would step away from my typical picks and choose some items that I’ve never experimented with before.

How gorgeous is this cape jacket??

I’m completely surprised by how much I like it. I wasn’t going to purchase a cape for this winter, because they appear to look a bit cumbersome and chunky.

But this one is lovely, flowy, drapey and warm. Like a draped coat or a structured shawl?

I would definitely wear it everywhere, on top of my regular winter casuals – jeans, pants, vests, jumpers, turtle necks, cardigans. It adds a very understated, on-trend touch. I might consider buying one after all.

Check out other Jackets and Cardigans from Gosh.

Jumpsuit from Gosh

And take a look at this fab jumpsuit!

I have always steered away from jumpsuits, because I’m not very tall. I’m 160cm or 5’2″ and I just figured that anything that covers 3/4 of my body is bound to make me look short.

So haha can you believe it? This is the first time I’ve tried on a jumpsuit and I think it looks great on me! I actually FEEL tall, sophisticated and elegant.

The jumpsuit is elasticised at the waist and cuffed at the ankles, so it sits very nicely. The cowl neck gives it some extra sophistication, the metal embellishment on the shoulders give it some visual interest and detail. Very nice indeed.

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Happy Shopping!

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An Old House and a New House

14 March 2011

I want to share some very special news with everyone!

3 years ago, my husband and I bought a new house. It was a bigger house, on a bigger block, and it was across the street from where we were currently living. It was literally 3 houses away!

My husband spent 2 months renovating it – sanding all the wood floors, painting walls, varnishing trim, installing new fittings, and he even built me a brand new kitchen, with a counter top exactly the right height for my petite size.

Here’s a before and after photo of the kitchen. I’m so proud of my husband, he did a fantastic job.

New House - Kitchen

At the time, we were not ready to move into it – we were trying to get pregnant with our 3rd child, there was a timing issue, emotional and financial stress…and the truth is, we didn’t really feel like we needed it. We only bought it then because the opportunity to get a bigger house in the street we already loved was too good to pass up. So we rented it out to someone else, who were excellent neighbours.

But now, with three energetic boys tearing around the house, we decided we needed to move. And last week, we did just that.

I have had many, many headaches and meltdowns during the move.

BUT OMG it was so worth it, I am so so so excited and happy!!

But as I wandered around the empty old house for the last time, I was struck all the memories and beautiful corners I’m leaving behind.

Here is my favourite memento – a door frame onto which we have scrawled the height of all our children over the last 7 years.

Old House - Door Frame

This old house is the place where two of my children were conceived. They all learned to walk and talk and play and cry here.

This little house is where my husband nearly died in 2004, and got better again, and where I fell into a deep depression in 2007, and then got strong again.

We’ve done so much… LIVING… here.

And that makes me realise that the new house isn’t just a bigger kitchen and more space.

It’s the place where my kids will grow into adults through the heartbreaks and pimples of their teenage years.

And it’s the place my husband and I will grow old together.

It’s my dream home.

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Accessories with a bit of Rawr

11 March 2011

I bought these gorgeous, real leather, leopard-print, mid-heel peep-toes from Hobbs, at some 75% off sale.

Leopard Print Shoes

And picked up some sunglasses from Sportsgirl (pictured below).

It was actually by complete coincidence that I happened to buy two leopard print items. I wouldn’t say I’m utterly crazy about the look, but I do like it… in moderation.

The thing about leopard print is you either love it or hate it. I think it’s a print that never goes out of fashion – it always comes and goes in varying amounts.

I think it’s quite cool, and I’d reach for a leopard print anything before a floral print anything!

Leopard Sunglasses

Anyway, since I’m on the topic of shopping, I also wanted to point you all over to who currently have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, a 30% off sale off all footwear and you can now pay in Australian Dollars! Yay!

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Sean the Treasure Hunter

10 March 2011

Sean Turns 6

My middle child – Sean – turns 6 tomorrow!

And I wanted to share an interesting fact about him.

Sean is our resident treasure hunter. He always has his eyes on the ground, and ALWAYS he finds the most amazing things.

It’s such a hilarious little quirk. And definitely a family joke.

We’ll walk through the shops, or through a car park, or a busy fruit market, or the zoo, or beach –and when we’ve finished walking, I’ll feel a tug on my sleeve and he’ll say, “Hey Mum, look what I found!”.

He started off finding a lot of JUNK and broken things, like bottle caps, paper clips, drinking straws, half eaten lollipops, water bottle tops, empty gum boxes. But now that he’s older, he’s knows how to scan past those things and just pick up the good stuff like pens, toys, money, maps and other things that might be of interest.

One time we were out, he found a cute wooden monkey toy, a pair of sunglasses, a marble, a mobile phone charm, a charity pen and a half-used notebook.

I put a large box in his room, so that has a place keep all his treasures. It used to be really hard to manage all the junk he wanted to drag into his room, but now he’s a lot better. Like I said, he only keeps the good stuff.

In fact, I do believe he has reached a stage where he just enjoys the pleasure of finding things, and doesn’t need to keep the actual thing anymore.

Some times, when we are out, and when I have a bit of time up my sleeve, I like to join him. We’ll be at the park, and I’ll start scanning the ground for objects. And it’s rather surprising to realise the kind of stuff you can find, when you take the time to look.

Anyway, this particular day, we were on holiday at a beach.

We walked 1 kilometre along a huge deserted beach, covered in seaweed and shells and all kinds of goodies. I decided to have a competition with him. You know… to see who could find the coolest stuff.

You would not believe the crap we found!

But he won hands down.

Sean The Treasure Hunter

My son managed to find TWO DIFFERENT men’s sandals, both for the same right foot, both the same size, and both on opposite ends of the beach, and both half buried in the sand.

It was gold!

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Abi and Joseph Basics + Travelwear

8 March 2011

Abi and Joseph Travel WearAfter doing a bit of travelling last month, I wanted to do a little feature on WHAT DO I WEAR on a plane.

And I wanted to feature one of my favourite online boutiques for basic and active wear, Abi and Joseph, because I really love their stuff :)

I’m a very practical person at heart, so when I travel, comfort is the most important thing for me.

But I have to admit, I just can’t bring myself to wear my tracksuit pants while travelling.

Maybe wearing them DURING the flight is OK. But wearing them while walking around the airport terminal? Can’t do it.

On the plane, I prefer to wear a very comfortable fitted t-shirt and snug jeans with a bit of stretch.

Then when I’m walking around the air conditioned terminal, I pop on a blazer or nice cardigan, so I don’t feel like such a slob.

Here I’m wearing a Basic White Capped Sleaved Tee by Abi and Joseph, and my Nobody jeans.

The top is just gorgeous. It’s like the ultimate, high-quality, classic tee. Stretchy, soft and feels lovely on my skin.

They come in a range of other colours too – light grey, grey blue, pistachio and black.

Abi and Joseph Travel Wear

I like the range of Body Tops from Abi and Jospeh too. They are basically 3/4 sleeve round neck tops – in the same material as the tees – and great for yoga or pilates too.

I also like to wear a scarf, because I get cold easily, and I can turn it into a shawl or a pillow or a blanket. This one was a gift, so I’m not sure where it was from.

Ballet Wraps are a really nice alternative to a cardigan. I like how you can sleep in all kinds of positions without having to worry about buttons. They also keep you snug and warm. I’m wearing the Delux Wrap in Mushroom.

For my legs, I prefer jeans. But I also found that wearing yoga leggings (that are not-so-tight) are very comfy too. Or yoga style pants (where the waist band folds down).

I haven’t yet tried out the Relaxed Fitted Pants from Abi and Joseph, but apparently it’s one of their most popular items and their customers just love it. Must try it out next time.

Abi and Joseph for Travel Wear

This is me playing with a few other pieces that are great as travel wear, mixed with my own clothes.

From left to right: A White Body Top, a Short Sleeve Ballet Wrap, and a Stripe Tank worn in two styles, including A&J leggings.

Happy shopping! xxx

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Nikon School – Intro to DSLR Photography

7 March 2011

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Nikon Australia gave me the opportunity to borrow and test drive a DSLR and lens – the not so new D90, and the completely new Nikkor 35mm 1.4G.

They also gave me a complimentary pass to Nikon School – a new offering of DSLR photography courses, for a range of different skill levels.

These courses started in June 2010 and are now held regularly in all major Australian cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane and Perth.

Nikon School - Intro to DSLR

Photo: Now THIS is a BIG LENS!! This was me messing around with our Class Instructor’s HUGE LENS. It was bigger than my head! And now I even know exactly WHY this lens is so big (because not only is it very zoomy, it also lets in so much light).

I  joined a course called “Introductory to Digital SLR Photography

Now, I know I’m not a beginner at photography. I did a photography unit during my university days (but I was too interested in boys to pay real attention). And in those long gone days of the mid 1990s, most of my “photo” time was spent in the dark room, dipping and developing film in liquid chemicals!

Although I have spent up to 15 years of my life taking photos, only in the last 3 years have I become interested in “professional” level photography. Most of my knowledge has come in bits and pieces: tips from my husband and friends, mucking around with my camera, and reading online tutorials.

So to join a formal BEGINNER’S COURSE was very interesting for me.

Nikon School - Intro to DSLR

The Nikon School sessions are taught by an industry expert who actually is a working professional photographer in your city. My instructor had years of experience, sits on the board of various industry associations, and he actually runs a photography business and camera shop.

He was so practical and hands on. He was also lively, funny, engaging and very approachable. Best kind of instructor. And he was perfectly happy for me to play with his big lens – and it doesn’t get more hands on than that! And there were only 14 people in the class.

The main objective of the course was for people to gain confidence to take great photos. And to stop using the AUTO Mode.

Since I was invited as “media” I did some “interviews” with the other members in the class. I asked them how they heard of the course (website, word of mouth), what cameras did they have (D90, D300, D7000), had they been to any other photography course before (a few said no, a few said yes, and one woman had been to 3 other kinds of photography classes and still didn’t feel confident about using her DSLR.)

Nikon School - Intro to DSLR

We went through various camera functions, exposure, modes, depth of field, shutter speed, improving the look of your photo, composition, white balance, information about lens, and general hints and tips.

I think what everyone found most valuable was when the instructor asked everyone “What kind of photos are you hoping to take?”

Lots of people wanted to take photos of children and their pets. One guy wanted to take photos during his fishing trips and sports. Someone wanted to take photos of waterfalls, sunsets and landscapes. Someone else wanted to take travel photos.

And the instructor went around to everyone and gave specific tips and pointers catered to each person. Very helpful!

For me, I want to take photos with NO FLASH, in natural low-lighting events, catwalk photos, small boutiques, photos of my kids, food, objects, all indoor and outdoor, close ups, and myself in the mirror.

Nikon School - Intro to DSLR

We also received a booklet of everything we covered. For future references, and in case we were naughty and didn’t take notes.

Nikon School - Intro to DSLR

During a break, I made my way over to the table set up at the front and played with some lens. Yes, they are my new passion, mostly because I have realized that, after a certain point, the camera is much less important than the lens – which is why professional photographers have a small number of cameras, and a LOT of different lenses they can put on them. The instructor gave me some advice about my next possible lens purchase.

Nikon School - Intro to DSLR

The whole class also went outside to a park (over-looking the river) to test out our new knowledge. We took photos of each other, played with shutter speeds and exposures, asked a lot of questions, posed for portrait photos. It was all quite fun.

Over all, I honestly can’t say a bad thing about this Nikon School course, everyone seemed happy and much more confident about taking photos with their cameras. I totally recommend it.

Near the end of the class, I ducked away to the hotel foyer to take a photo of my outfit in a big mirror (as you do, if you are me). This is with the new “very fast” f1.4 lens that Nikon have lent to me. This means that the lens can get more light in, so I can take pictures in very low light situations. The downside is that the lens is so big that it nearly breaks my wrist holding the camera up – but it’s totally worth it. No flash, and super sharp images with full colour. YUM!

Nikon run a series of courses in all major Australian cities, they have a few coming up in March, April and May. They also run workshops, photography tours, and special events.

For example, they are running an Editorial Fashion Photography Course by Christian Blanchard, for budding fashion photographers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Unfortunately they are not holding it in Perth yet. But if you go, please let me know how it went!

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LuisaViaRoma and Other Goodies

4 March 2011

Box from Luisa Via Roma

Allow me to indulge in a girly flutter of excitement! Because God knows I need some girly-ness in my life, being surrounded by my 4 boys and all.

A package arrived in the mail today – from LuisaViaRoma!

I just bought some Vivienne Westwood Classic Black Skinny Jeans. They are having an Up to 70% off Women’s Winter Sale right now.

It took 3 DAYS to arrive, with free international shipping!!

Vivienne Westwood Jeans

I couldn’t resist to wear them straight away. They feel great! This is me heading out the door to the city to run some errands. I woke up at 6am in the morning and went for a run, and I just felt fantastic and zippy for the rest of the day.

I’m loving my blue shirt from Lilies of eField, it keeps the sun off my shoulders and it looks fresh and relaxed.

Striped tank from Yes Style.

Darva Wedges by Betts

I’m also wearing a few other new things. Darva Wedges from Betts. LOVE!

Wanderlust and Co Jewellery

And cute and quirky jewellery from Wanderlust and Co.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I’m going to see Michael Buble in concert at the Sandalford Winery – yay for more girly-ness!

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A Book Worm

3 March 2011


My first and oldest child is almost 8 years old.

I don’t talk about him much these days, mainly because I’m aware he’s growing up. I’m aware that he has friends who surf the internet, and I don’t want to go around telling the whole world about things that will embarrass him. Like the way he talks in his sleep. Or how he hates wearing underwear.

Anyway, my kid sleeps on the top of a bunk bed, which is higher than my head. And yesterday I happened to see this little arrangement on the end of his bed –

A careful row of all his favourite books.

Yes, my first born child READS NOVELS NOW!

My heart gushed and I was all “OMG my baby is growing up!“

It was a terrifying, but beautiful.

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Adela Rose Online Boutique

1 March 2011

Adela Rose Online Boutique

I was introduced to another great online boutique – ADELA ROSE.

What makes this boutique different, is that they specialise in cocktail dresses, black-tie dresses and structured styled dresses in high quality fabrics. All of the dresses are under US$100.

The quality, fabric and craftsmanship is excellent too. If I would compare the quality of these dresses to dresses you buy in the department stores, I’d say these would be worth between $200 – $300.

The focus of Adela Rose is structure and tailoring. I have dozens of drapey, jersey, slinky dresses… so trying on these dresses was a breath of fresh air.

Above I’m wearing a Black Off-Shoulder Ruffle Dress – which fit me perfectly. The team at Adela Rose sent me a whole heap of dresses to test and review, and they kindly let me choose 2 dresses to keep. I chose this one because the shoulder ruffle looked cool and the silky material felt lovely.

I’m also wearing a Ruffle Trimmed Wool Mini. At first I wasn’t so sure about this dress, I thought that it might look a bit too executive for me (as pictured on the model), but when I tried it on, it felt fabulous and girly, yet still executive! The wool blend fabric gave the dress a good weight too. If I was going to keep it, I’d probably get it altered to fit me perfectly.

Adela Rose Online Boutique

This Red One Should Satin Dress was also lovely. The ruffle detail is very cool. I don’t own a structured satin red dress, so I knew I had to keep this one! And since I’m keeping it, I plan to get it taken in a bit at the armpit. I love it! It also comes in a black.

Adela Rose has a really nice collection of structured-styled dresses, in more modest cuts and lengths, that are perfect for the professional workplace.

The Black Sleeveless Shift Dress is a kind of bandage style dress, with nice mesh panels. Really liked this dress too.

Adela Rose are also offering a promotion: Register and get $20 off your next purchase.

Hope you find something you like! Happy Shopping!!

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