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Copenhagen Fashion Week 2011

11 February 2011

In 3 days, I managed to attend EIGHT fashion shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week. It was crazy I tell you. The whole experience was just exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

A few outstanding experiences.

Scandinavian winters are fricking cold. At some shows, I had VIP access, so there no waiting, thanks to my friends at ECCO shoes. But at other shows,  I found myself having to wait outside for up to 45 minutes, with temperatures below 0°C.  I was so. very. cold. Even my eye lashes were complaining.

Street style fashion spying is so much fun. With all that waiting around outside, watching the fashion crowd grow, I fell in love with the sheer entertainment of seeing people arrive wearing crazy and beautiful things – from feather helmet-sunglasses, to multi-coloured patchwork fur coats, to sweeping superhero capes.

Backstage at a fashion show is always the same. It all looks chaotic and jumbled, but there is always method in the madness. Creative spaces and people everywhere – I just love it.

So here are some highlights of the shows.
Copenhagen Fashion Week(These two images taken by me.)

Kick starting the fashion week, was the ECCO Walk in Style Awards.

I was expecting Scandinavian fashion and styling to be serious, dark and practical, but as you can see, there was also a much lighter, humorous side to the shows as well.

Nude models, jellyfish helmets with dangling breasts and lots of other weird sculptures! Not to mention an exciting new range of shoes by ECCO.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2011

Kopenhagen Fur Show. This show featured several designer capsules all showcasing real fur, and no one seemed even slightly apologetic about it. There were some pretty amazing fur creations… and I was confronted and amazed at the same time.

There were anti-fur protesters outside the show, but even they were so nice, friendly, and smiled for the cameras. Very Danish.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2011

Rützou Show. Lovely jewel colors, golds, khakais and a dash of bright red. There were a lot of silky-flowy fabrics (which, I admit, was quite unexpected for me), mixed with some more structured pieces and leathers. All very ready to wear pieces.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2011

Karen by Simonsen. This show began with an almost naked muscular guy, in teeny tiny boy shorts, dancing and writhing behind glass. It certainly caught my attention!

Here are the dark, moody clothes and silhouettes I was expecting, put together in another wearable range.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2011

Astrid Andersen. This show was very, very entertaining for me – set in a beautiful music hall, there was a solo pianist, and a commentator who sounded more like American rapper, Snoop Dog, saying things like “Yo G, looking pretty fly!” to the models as they walked down the catwalk. There was so much tongue-in-cheek humour in it all. Loved it.

The collection featured edgy guy’s street fashion with fur highlights. And check out that gold chain basketball sack! Ha! I – personally – don’t know anyone who would wear this look, but I loved it as fashion art. Great ensemble of fabrics, especially on these yummy beefcake models.

Thought I’d just share 5 of the 8 shows that I went to, and I hope you enjoy the photos. I think I have had my dose of fashion shows for this year already!

(All other images courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.)