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Happy Rabbit Day

3 February 2011

I wish you all the best for the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rabbit, or as my kids have apparently been calling it – Happy Rabbit Day!

A Sunday stroll in Tonder

I say apparently, because right now, I am in Denmark, having a fantastic time meeting lots of interesting fashion people, and feeling very short, Asian and black haired amoung all these very tall, blond people (who are really friendly and happy). So I have been hearing about my family only from a brief phone conversation each morning.

In the picture above (taken on Sunday on a friend’s iPhone) I was in Tonder, a small town in the rural part of Denmark, as part of a rigorous organised tour of Danish design and culture. Now, I am in Copenhagen at the Fashion Festival. And I’m LOVING it.


I have missed out on my family New Year reunion dinner on Wednesday night. I’ve never, ever not been at it. And I really missed the thirty of us all crammed into my Grandmother’s tiny house.

And Wednesday was also the first day of school for two of my sons. I wanted to be there to see their excitement and angst about new classmates, new classrooms, and new teachers. But I was here in beautiful, amazing Denmark.

And when I rang home last night, my husband was cooking a favorite recipe for the boys. I could smell it over the phone.

I don’t think I am actually homesick…I have been far too busy for that…I think I just feel like I am missing out on really important stuff in my family.

Why can’t I be HERE, and be THERE at the same time?!

Why do I have to choose?!