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Superman and the World of the Lost Dinosaurs

17 January 2011

We recently returned from a 7 day holiday, and I discovered that the grass had grown up A LOT in the summer heat.

And look who was left stranded out on the lawn!


It was as though the colour green had sapped his superpowers, and he was paralaysed.

Well, Mr Superman, you don’t seem so super now, DO YA?!

Before we left to go on holiday, the boys had been playing an elaborate story-game on the lawn with all their action figures.

Superman, Darth Vader (who was a good guy this time) and Rocky Hammer had flown, jump or rocket-boosted from their home base (the barbecue) to a submarine (the wheelbarrow) which had delivered them to a secret island (the lawn). There, they had used their various superpowers (a tennis ball) to destroy an enemy base – made of MY pots and pan from the kitchen. ARGH!!

The boys thought it was so funny to come back and find the action figures all in the same place, but now surrounded by a jungle!

I had to order the boys to rescue Superman (and a few other superheros) before my husband cut the grass.

Then the lawn was mowed.

And look what was revealed…


A good variety of both vegetarian and meat-eating dinosaurs, snuggled down so low in the lawn they were untouched by the blades of the mower.

The boys looked at each other in amazement – the dinosaurs hadn’t even been part of the game they were playing! So I expect these ancient reptiles have been lost in the lawn’s underworld for a lot longer than one week.

Clearly, the boys have too many toys – they didn’t even notice they were missing an entire herd of dinosaurs!