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A Trip to Copenhagen!

14 January 2011

I have some very exciting news to share!

I have been invited to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week in early February, in a trip sponsored by ECCO shoes.


Denmark Map

ECCO shoes is based in Denmark, which, as I have discovered, is the long bump on top of Germany.

As well as finding out all about ECCO shoes and how they produce shoes that are stylish AND comfortable, it will also be a high-paced lesson for me in Scandinavian design generally. Right now, I admit, I don’t know that much about the Scandinavian/Nordic countries.

I know that 1970s pop group ABBA were from that part of the world (Sweden), as are Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, like “The Little Mermaid” (Denmark). Yes, it was a classic fairy tale before Disney made the movie.


More recently, an Australian girl named Mary went to a pub in Sydney in 2000 during the Olympics, and fell in love with a guy named Fred from Copenhagen. Fred turned out to be Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.

Can you imagine the conversation in a busy Aussie pub.

Mary: “G’day, I’m Mary.”
Fred: “Good Evening, I’m Frederik. So nice to meet you.”
Mary : “Nice to meet you too Fred. So, what do you do for a living?”
Fred: “Oh, I’m a Royal Prince of a fairytale European country.”
Mary (rolls her eyes): “Yeh right, of course you are. Haven’t you got any better a line than that?”

But it all worked out for them, and so now Mary-from-Australia is Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, and she’s got four kids.


She just had two of them (twins) on Jan 8th, so she might be too busy to have coffee with me when I am in Copenhagen. But who knows, maybe she needs an excuse to get out of the palace.

But seriously, I do realise that a lot of very cool things are designed in that part of the world. For example, Ikea furniture (Sweden) and Nokia phones (Finland). And even the Sydney Opera House was designed by Jorn Utzon, another guy from Copenhagen.

The programme for the Copenhagen Fashion Week is full of many designers I have never heard of, so I am very excited to check it out.


I admit that my knowledge of fashion is dominated by the New York/London/Paris/Milan catwalks. So it’s going to be a great education for me!

So, I have two big issues right now.

First, planning how to survive the longest flight of my life!

Perth to Copenhagen is a total of 27 hours, including stopovers, and a timezone difference of 7 hours. Yuck!

Some people can sleep anywhere, but not me. I’m a BAD sleeper. I like to have the same pillow, on the same bed, in the same room – every night. And whenever I travel, I am so excited, that my brain can’t slow down enough for me to relax and sleep. So I have pretty bad insomnia when I am away from home.

I will be in Denmark for four days, and then I have to do the whole travel thing in reverse, and arrive back home without being totally wrecked.

Second, I have no idea what to wear in Copenhagen at the coldest time of a Northern European winter.

I was born on a tropical island, and I live in a part of Australia famous for being DRY and HOT. Of course, I understand that it will be freezing cold outside, and wet and/or icy on the streets… but I also expect that I’ll be inside most of the time in toasty warm buildings – right? So, do I need normal clothes, but with one very warm overcoat? Or more layers? Are leggings + pants  sufficient to keep my legs warm? Are peep-toe skyscrapers totally out?

Anybody know what I should do?

Maybe I’ll just email Mary and ask her.