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Putting Together an Outfit – Stripes and Maxi Skirts

11 January 2011

Putting Together an Outfit - Stripes and Maxis

Last month I attended a fashion show… and due to a certain lack of planning, I ended up only having 30 minutes to work out what to wear!

This was my outfit and this is how I put it together.

First I started with the weather + a mood. It was a really hot day, and the evening was set to be warm. I wanted to be relaxed, yet look somewhat stylish.

I chose this black and white stripe top from Yes Style. It is a very casual looking top, and is made from a very lightweight, fine knit. It’s almost sheer. I bought it a few months ago… and I have been wearing it with jeans or shorts. Here’s a photo of me (and my little toddler) wearing the stripes with khaki shorts.

Putting Together an Outfit - Stripes and Maxis

Then I chose a slim, black maxi skirt that I bought from New Look.

When I was 16-17 years old, I used to have SO MANY maxi skirts.

I even made a few myself! I think I had 5 big, long floral skirts. 1 dark maroon, slinky, pleated maxi skirt, a long white one, one with an Indian inspired print, and 2 black maxi skirts – almost identical to what I am wearing above.

But in my typical teenaged thinking, once they went out of fashion, I gave them ALL AWAY.

So now I have been left with NO maxi skirts in my wardrobe. Sigh.

And for a while I couldn’t bring myself to spend any money on one. But I found one online – and on sale – and I really liked the look of it (a jersey cotton, slim-style version) so I gave in.

Lastly I tied up the whole outfit, and smartened it up, by wearing a white shawl collar blazer from Yes Style.

I absolutely adore this blazer. It goes well with so many outfits, and it’s a wonderful change from black blazers.

Shoes are suede ankle boots from Betts Online.