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Wanderlust + Co’s Summer Sale

8 January 2011

Wanderlust + Co Sale

Wanderlust + Co are an online jewellery boutique that offer a gorgeous collection of jewellery at great prices. I reviewed them in this post a few months ago.

Their regular updates of new collections have certainly caught my eye. In particular, these photos! I really like the way the bracelets and rings are mixed together here.

Wanderlust + Co Sale

Usually I don’t like the “piled on jewellery look” – where masses of bracelets or bangles are bunched together in a vague colour code. I feel so messy and cluttered. And I’m also not too fond of the sound of clashing and clinking metals when I move.

But after checking out these photos, I’m keen to give it a go. It looks pretty, stylish and graceful. And it’s just minimal enough for me!

The Wanderlust + Co team also let me know that there is a HUGE sale on – right now – up to 50% off and nothing over $35 on sale items!