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My Christmas 2010

26 December 2010

Christmas Eve Day – 10.00 am. My whole family cycled to the river. We spent the morning mucking about on the shore, making boats from tree bark, digging holes and wading knee-deep in the warm water.

Christmas Eve – 6.30pm. My parent’s house. The weather was very hot and humid. This is me, by myself, sitting in the pool. The sun was just setting, the water was gloriously warm, and the twilight in the backyard was just magic.

Christmas Eve – 7.30pm. Dinner with close family on my side. Ham, turkey, roast chicken, duck, crayfish and prawns and various salads. It was buffet style, and of course, I ate too much.

Christmas Eve – 9 pm. Profiteroles for Dessert. Again, I ate too many.

Then we went home with exhausted, over-excited kids to put to sleep.

Christmas Day – 6.30am!! Kids get up , and begin opening presents.

Christmas Day – 6.35am. All kids presents opened. Boys begin fighting over presents.

Christmas Day – 9.30am. My presents! Tail light for my old bike. Movie ticket vouchers. Slow food cook book. Flower necklace. Silk scarf. Bangles. Nail poilsh. And in the background, a retro/kitsch cupcake stand. So happy and thankful! *glee*

Christmas Day – 12 noon. Lunch at church. Pavlova for dessert (meringue with a crispy crust and soft, light inner, topped with fruit). I ate too much.

Christmas Day – 5pm. Early dinner with hubby’s family, and kids playing naked in the paddle pool on the backyard lawn. I could hardly eat a thing.