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Velvet and Fishnets

14 December 2010

Velvet and Fishnets

These last few weeks, I’ve been going to lots of end-of-year parties and celebrations.

And on Friday, I was invited to a 30th Birthday Drinks AND a Dress-up Burlesque Party – two events on the same evening. Which yes, was kinda cool, but I had a very tricky time choosing one outfit to wear to BOTH events.

My other option was to have TWO outfits and just change between events. But I didn’t have enough time to think of two outfits, nor was there enough time available between events to change. And I couldn’t be bothered changing – especially not in a car! Or in a carpark!

Anyway, I chose a very, very cool (and new) dress that I bought from Urban Outfitters. It arrived the day before the parties!

It’s a Silence and Noise Golden Ring Dress in Pewter. It’s gorgeous and the Size US 0 fit me perfectly. I love, love, love the colour and the burnt velvet fabric.

The fishnets certainly made the dress work for the dress-up costume theme of the Burlesque Party! But I was worried that they were making the dress a little over the top for the 30th Party, which was at the Casino/hotel.

I did end up wearing the fishnets to the 30th Party and was feeling quite self conscious of my legs all night. It was like they were shouting out “Hey! Look at me!!” But then again, that’s what fishnets are for.

But once I arrived at the Burlesque Party, there were people in corsets, lace knickers, suspenders and not much else, so I felt right at home – and possibly too over dressed!

Do head on over to Urban Outfitters (Dresses) to check out some pretty amazing party dresses!

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