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Fallen Angels and A Two-Legged Dear

13 December 2010

Fallen Angel

Our Christmas tree had gone up.

Just moments after we hung the last bauble…

Just as we turned on the Christmas lights…

And *just before* we were able to step back and admire our 2 hours of work…

Then our Christmas Tree went down.

My 20 month toddler pulled at a branch and the whole Christmas fell with an ENORMOUS CRASH!

All three of my children wailed and howled in horror – for Christmas was surely ruined.

I had to hold in a few tears when I saw 8 to 10 of my favourite glass ornaments and baubles smashed into pieces and sprayed across the floor.

And a split second after trying to choke back a tear, I was screaming — GAAAHHH THERE’S BROKEN GLASS ON THE FLOOR!! STOP MOVING KIDS!

My kids had no shoes on and were leaping into the destruction zone so that they could help pick up the tree and salvage the broken ornaments and pieces of glass.

I had to evacuate the area.

And it took me FRICKING AGES to clean up the mess and set up the tree AGAIN!

New rule: Plastic ornaments ONLY, for the next few years.

And: Christmas Tree goes behind the play pen, just like last year.