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Styling Carrie for the Oprah Winfrey Show – Part 6

4 December 2010

Ok with a few more days, before Carrie heads down to Australia with Oprah Winfrey… I thought I’d better update the last of the clothes I had sent over to Carrie (courtesy of my amazing sponsors).

Styling Carrie for the Oprah Winfrey Show

First up, I made some arrangements with ASOS Online Fashion to send over a few items. The first one being this Mushroom Ruffle Blouse.

Carrie says “The beautiful ASOS ruffle top (that is on the style board) is AMAZING! It is stunning! I would wear this anytime, anywhere!”

I chose it because it was a bit flamboyant and figure hugging, and Carrie is still considering whether she would wear it.

Styling Carrie for the Oprah Winfrey Show

Next is a Gold Sequin Tank Top, also from ASOS Online Fashion.

“I love this shirt and outfit. I wish there was a regular need for me to dress like this in the Midwest USA. I’d like to wear something like this and blend in. I’ll probably layer with a smart jacket and be set!”

I can imagine this sequin top in a pretty glam daytime outfit when paired a cream jacket and matching cream tulip skirt. Or else, it’s a pretty versatile with jeans or cropped pants.

Given that I’ve never actually handled these items of clothes myself, they look pretty great in the photos that Carrie sent over. They look like the kind of stylish and glamorous additions to any basic wardrobe.

Styling Carrie for the Oprah Winfrey Show

These next few items are from Birdsnest Online Boutique, based in Australia, with international delivery.

I chose a few smart-casual items. On the top left is a Cherry Cap Sleeve Top, which I imagined that would be worn tucked into a pencil skirt or cropped skinny pants.

“This shirt is kind of shapeless, but I love the sleeves and the color is one of my favorites. Like a pure tomato red or the color of one of the newer VW Bugs. Love this shirt. When it arrived, I wore it that night around the house w/friends over and then I wore it the whole next day!”

Next is a Metalicus Tube Skirt. It is a ONE SIZE skirt, and is supposedly able to fit over any body shape from size 4 to size 12. I’ve never actually tried it, so I asked Carrie what she thought and whether it might be possible.

She told me “It’s really nice! It can be knee length or shorter and is SO comfy. Definitely can be size 4 or 12!”

And lastly, on the right, is a Jag Drape Top. I thought it’d be great stylish, loose-fitting top for summer, that also accentuated the waist. To be worn with shorts or cropped pants. But Carrie said although it was a lovely colour, it wasn’t very flattering to her figure. Oh well!

Next week, I’ll have a few photos of Carrie’s adventure in Australia with Oprah and what she finally wore for the taping of the show!