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Models are Human Too

26 November 2010

Last week I went to a fashion event – a new boutique was being launched by international shoe brand Carmen Steffens.

When you attend fashion events, it’s not a surprise to discover that most people like to dress up. It’s part of the fun of fashion events – dressing up and then *looking* at what everyone else is wearing.

Thus it’s very normal to go to an event and BE CHECKED OUT by lots of people. It’s not a gesture of disapproval or disrespect, it’s just normal fashion-crowd conduct.

If you’re dressed very well, people might come up to you and compliment you on your outfit, or your hair. People might ask you where you bought your dress or necklace from. And if you’re dressed *sensationally*, a photographer might approach you and take a photo of you for the social pages.

Being “openly checked out”, takes a bit of practice to get used to. You have to overcome your self-awareness, relax, be yourself, be happy, be confident and just enjoy the evening. Some people can do it better than others. Some are obviously strutting around with body language that shouts – LOOK AT ME, I AM SO HOT! While others exude a poised, understated, confident grace – which is so much cooler.

Anyway, because this particular event was about SHOES, everyone was looking at each other’s outfits AND SHOES.

It was the first time I walked into a room and was constantly CHECKED OUT FROM MY HEAD TO MY TOES.

The event was all about shoes…so I suppose all this looking at feet was okay, “normal fashion conduct” for a shoe event.

Carmen Steffens Event

Suffice to say, I too checked out the crowd. Discretely mind you. Everyone was dressed very, very well. There were lots of expensive dresses and jewellery and LOTS of very well looked after feet. Everyone had immaculate feet! And toenails! And of course, they all had very nice shoes.

I was thinking, “Oh woe to be a woman!” Not only are you supposed to have great hair, skin, boobs, waist, tummy… now you have to have beautiful feet. I sighed at the state of the fashion industry, the media, and body image of women all over the world… but at the same time, I wished I had exfoliated my feet in the shower, and had a pedicure before I went!

Then there was a little fashion show, with models wearing the shoes (not just shoes, they were wearing clothes as well). Of course, models are beautiful people who are completely used to having eyes pour all over their bodies.

That evening we had the pleasure of seeing six slim, long haired, tall and perky young women with perfect tans and beautiful make-up. Total professionals, and they looked gorgeous (in that blond fashion model kind of way). That is their job after all!

As the models strutted through the store, everyone did the same CHECKING THEM OUT from head to toe routine on them. But when my eyes got to their feet… I let out an almost audible gasp.

Good lord, their feet were awful!

Carmen Steffens Event

Their feet were so bashed!!! Those poor women!!!

Bruises, red marks, white marks, calluses, blisters, and broken capillaries. These were feet that spoke of months and years of constantly strutting around in new shoes, as many as ten different pairs in a single fashion show! I felt so sorry for these models. I felt like beating my chest and shouting out – I FEEL FOR YOU SISTA!!

I know what it is like to wear cheap, uncomfortable shoes… they make your feet hurt so bad you believe you might actually die. Hence the saying “These shoes are killing me!!”

I was sure they didn’t get those blisters THIS night, because apparently Carmen Steffens shoes are high-quality, handcrafted shoes – where someone actually hand stitches the embellishments etc.

So I decided that I’d try on a few pairs…and oh my, they felt awesome. I loved the quality, but I couldn’t quite love the price tag: $300 – $700!

Carmen Steffens Shoes

There were lots of stylish and sexy shoes, all well designed to be completely stand out fashion items. But this pair was my favourite.

So there you go. To all the SISTAS OUT THERE, be kind to your feet and give them a good rub and loving tonight. And remember to give your feet a break, and wear comfortable shoes some of the time!