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In Love with Leather

2 November 2010

In Love with leather

I have to admit, I am rather in love with leather.

The thing that appeals to me the most… is the texture and subtle sheen it has. When you’re wearing black leather in an all-black outfit, the leather has a subtle glow and depth about it. It’s understated chic.

My ultimate style wish-list includes – real-leather black pants!

I would love to be able to purchase real leather all the time, but it is just much too costly for me. I bought a real leather skirt a while back, and I just can’t justify anymore real leather anything (for a while).

ANYWAY the point of this post, was to show off my new leather-look shorts that arrived from YesStyle!

They look so hot! And cute! They feel buttery soft and light too. Looove them!

In Love with leather

Leather and hot pink nails! How rock-chick can I get? I just need some skulls and sheep skin boots?

In Love with leather

I chose this lovely sand-coloured blouse too, which looks like a typical shirt, but it only un-buttons half way down, the bottom bit if the shirt is sewn up.

I thought it was a bit weird… (I’m not partial to clothes with fake pockets and fake openings) but after I wore it, I realised how SO VERY convenient it was – especially when tucked it into my shorts or jeans. The tucked-in bits did not come undone in a lop-sided way.

And lastly, the necklace is a super cute, double-chain Sewing Machine and Scissors necklace from Pigeonhole – who have informed me that you can now buy their goodies online. Check out their accessories range. They have some of the best range of quirkiest jewellery I’ve seen online.

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