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30 September 2010


In Australia, spring officially starts on the first of September, but the actual weather didn’t change then.

It happened, all of a sudden, one day last week.

Perth has had the driest winter on record, or something like that, and so it has been dry for weeks – a cold, mean dry.

But now, the ants are back to digging up the sand under the driveway. Dandylions explode in the slightest breeze. Midgies swarm in the park at sunset. The mid-day sun has that strong-but-gentle warmth where you just want to turn your back to it, and let it melt your spine.

And flowers bloom in a reproductive frenzy, seducing photographers and insects alike.

I have promised myself time and time again not to publish pictures of flowers on my blog…but this year, sorry, I couldn’t help but celebrate the warmer weather with an image from right outside my kitchen window.

And hey, if you are in the northern hemisphere, it’s autumn, right? So you need some pictures of spring flowers!