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My Awful Love Affair with Chocolate

8 September 2010

My occasional sponsors Nuffnang asked me if I would write about Cadbury chocolate bars. Hmmm, let’s see, they’re offering to sponsor me to try out a new chocolate bar from one of the world’s most famous makers of chocolate, and then honestly tell my readers what I think of it – HELL YES!

But before I talk about the chocolate bar, I want to talk about my complicated relationship with chocolate. It’s a bit embarrassing, because it’s so clichéd.

Like most women, I love chocolate. And, well, it’s easy to love – it’s sweet, creamy, smooth, velvety, and turns into warm, melted, softness on your tongue. It’s everything a girl wants.

I have a stash of chocolate in my fridge. It is a wall. A towering wall of partly eaten chocolate bars that block out the light in the fridge.

And I’ll try any kind of chocolate. Milk. Dark. Light. White. Dripping caramel. Crunchy wafer. Honey comb. Roasted nuts. Cookie crumble. Fruit. Alcohol. Truffles. Cream. Coconut. Orange. Lemon. Mint. Biscuits. Chilli. Salt. And deep-fried chocolate! You name it, I’ve eaten it!

But I hate it as well.

It gives me acne, it makes my skin dull, it makes my teeth hurt and my gums sore. It makes my energy levels spike and fall dramatically, and then I have an energy crash and need more chocolate to fix it. I wished I wasn’t so addicted to it.

I go in circles with chocolate. It’s a love-hate relationship.

Some days I stay far, far away from it.

Then other days I eat so much of it, there may as well be an intravenous tube of the stuff dripping straight into my system.

In fact, I think my female hormones are chemically dependent on chocolate.

My passion for chocolate used to make my boyfriends feel inadequate. My husband and I sustain a relationship only because we have “an arrangement”, in which he goes out to buy chocolate for me when I am moody.

I tell him EXACTLY WHAT KIND I WANT, but he is well trained enough to know I may have changed my mood before he gets back, so he buys several different types I can choose from. And that is how I like it.

I understand my addiction and I manage it well.

I need to eat the particular chocolate that corresponds with my mood and circumstances.

It’s a fine balance. A delicate art. Like medication.

It takes years to perfect the precise equilibrium of the–right-kind-of-chocolate-to-hormone-ratio to achieve and maintain stability.

And these are my chocolate-mood categories:

Chocolate On The Run.
Simple, innocent blobs of milk chocolate that you can grab easily and throw in your mouth. Enough said.

Pick Me Up Chocolate.
These are great for low days. When I’m feeling a little sluggish and down in the dumps. I need a jolt of sugar. But only something light. Chocolate with bubbles, chocolate flakes, or chocolate covered wafers.

Chocolate for Chilling Out.
For those few moments in the day, where I sit down with a cup of tea and put my feet up, I like to have chocolate with caramel.

Reward Chocolate.
Chocolate, just because. I’m special and I deserve to have triple-coated, double layered chocolate, with nuts and caramel and wafer and EVERYTHING… whenever I feel like it thank you very much.

Non-Chocolate Chocolate.
When I crave something sweet and creamy, but not chocolate – the answer is WHITE chocolate.

Depression Chocolate.
The most important kind of chocolate. When, let’s face it, I feel like crap, everything in my life is going wrong, and nothing in the world can make me feel better. So I eat DARK, DARK chocolate, to celebrate the deepness of the depression.

Anyway the purpose for this post was for me to introduce a new range of Cadbury chocolate.

I almost feel bad, being sponsored to introduce you to something that is already on the shelves of practically every supermarket and convenience store in Australia (and probably the whole world) that you will undoubtedly find out about anyway – unless you never, ever eat chocolate. But here goes.

The range is called Bar of Plenty and there are two flavours –

Cadbury Bar of Plenty

Oven Roasted Hazelnut with Honey Cashews
I was quite impressed by how they manage to pack in so many nuts into this chocolate block, because the bar doesn’t fall to bits when you pick it up.

Those cashews are pretty damn tasty – you can taste the roasted honey flavour and it’s lovely. It’s not heavy and overly rich. It has substance, but it’s still “light” – meaning, you can eat a lot of the stuff and NOT feel sick!

Cadbury Bar of Plenty

Summer Berries and Crunchy Vanilla Shortcake
This bar is AMAZING. It was my favourite. I don’t usually like fruit (sultanas or cherries) in my chocolate, but THESE berries are really, really nice.

The shortcake is like crunchy shortbread, and again, they have packed it in – it’s so, so yummy.

By the way, I hope you appreciate my chocolate-porn pictures. I took them with a new lens for my DSLR camera! And I was very excited indeed.

SO. These Bar of Plenty Chocolates definitely fit into my REWARD CHOCOLATE category – and heck I’ve been rewarding myself everyday since they’ve arrived in the mail. Because I’m that special dammit.

Nuffnang would love to send one of my readers Cadbury chocolate to the value of $50. And who doesn’t want free chocolate in their letterbox?

Just email me at :
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3) Answer this question – Why are you in love with chocolate?

I’ll be choosing the most creative answer!
You have to be over 14, and residing in Australia.
Competition ends 5pm AEST on 20 September 2010.
Please read all the Terms & Conditions.

And if you go to the Cadbury Bar of Plenty website, you can enter another competition to win some pretty cool looking prizes. Good luck!