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Look At Those Cheekbones! – AVANT GARDE 2010

4 September 2010

Avant Garde 2010

This year I’ve made a decision to reduce the number of fashion shows I attend, due to my growing business and family commitments – which is a nice way of saying, I’m super busy with my blog and my kids!

But one show I am definitely finding time to attend is a new event called AVANT GARDE, and I thought I’d share some details about it.

AVANT GARDE is a collaboration by three renowned boutiques in Perth, Dilettante and Zekka, and hair salon Head Studio.

It is an inaugural event, and as its name suggests, it will be celebrating creative vision, directional style and legendary designers, who were at the very cutting edge of fashion in their time.

As you can see from the dramatic photograph above (check out those cheekbones!), it’s about pushing the boundaries in all areas – clothes, accessories, make-up, hair styling, and even the photography that it is communicated by.

What I love about edgy fashion-art is that, while I certainly won’t be sculpting myself to this exact look, these expressions provide such a rich menu of stuff to choose from, as well as also being weirdly beautiful AND masterfully created at the same time. There is a lot to like!

AVANT GARDE has  a line up of big name fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Damir Doma and more – striving to be the most innovative show in this year’s Perth fashion calendar.

Hence I’ll definitely be there to check it out and enjoy the show, which is held in the very beautiful grounds of the University of Western Australia.

I’ve heard there are still tickets available at $120 per person, check out the AVANT GARDE website for more details.

Tuesday, 7th September 2010
Winthrop Hall, UWA
35 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands

For those who won’t be able to make it, you have to check out these two boutiques! They really are some of Perth’s finest boutiques, and absolutely worth a visit.

575 Wellington Street (Corner of King St)
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Tel: +618 9322 2717

74-76 King Street
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Tel: +618 9481 1772

(Zekka also has a very cool café attached to it!)

64 King St
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Tel: +618 9481 6464

As I mentioned earlier, Head Studio is a hair salon, where I had an amazing hair cut and wrote a review about it here. Since then, they’ve won a gazillion awards.