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A Love for Simplicity

29 July 2010

Camping Breakfast

Most times I consider myself a city girl. I enjoy crowds, tall buildings, air conditioning, wireless internet connection and hairdryers!

But there is also a part of me that craves simplicity.

Sometimes I need to strip away the unnecessary add-ons of my life and live simply.

I guess, that’s what I love about camping.

It makes me reassess what I need in order to survive. It makes me realise what I CAN and CANNOT live without. It makes me choose. And cull.

I found that living with less makes me focus on nature, and its pleasures.

There’s just something intoxicating about waking up at sunrise and breathing in the morning air of the bush. It is heavy, dewy, cold, and rich with the smells of wet wood, damp earth and grass.

And like in the photo above, to mix in more smells of hot, freshly brewed tea, sizzling bacon and eggs, warm toasted bread and burning wood – ahh, it’s amazing.

I think living simply brings about a certain kind of happiness and contentment.

I should really do it more often.

And I should at least try a little harder to bring some of that contented simplicity back into my normal life.

(You might find it interesting to note, that we can’t live without ceramic tea cups.)