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BenjiBox Clear Shoe Box – 20 Box Pack

2 July 2010

BenjiBox Clear Shoe Box - 20 Box Pack

When BenjiBox emailed me and told me about their Special 20 Pack of Clear Shoe Boxes, I had to think for a moment –

“Uh do I have 20 pairs of shoes that I would want to keep in clear shoe boxes?”

You see, I’m pretty good at maintaining a tight collection of shoes. We don’t have much room in our house, and I can’t afford to store zillions of shoes that I never wear.

Plus, I’ve NEVER done a complete count of all my shoes. So I thought that this was a good time to do a stock take, you know, let them out for a bit of fresh air, toss out the really old ones, and do a bit of shoe shining.

Ha, so yes, it turns out that I do own 20 pairs of shoes. In fact, I have another 10 heels, 12 flats, 6 pairs of boots, and 3 sports shoes. So I guess I’ll have to get another 20 pack.

As you can see from the photo above, 20 pairs of shoes look like a shit load of shoes!!

But when they are all boxed up neatly (pictured below), you kinda think – IS THAT ALL? Maybe I DO need more shoes after all!

An excellent kind of optical illusion for husbands if you ask me.

BenjiBox Clear Shoe Box - 20 Box Pack

I love the design of these BenjiBoxes – they are really good quality, and they have DRAWERS (instead of flaps and tabs) so you can slide and whip out your shoes faster than you can say I’M COMING ALREADY, HOLD THE TAXI!

I wrote about them in this post a few years back, and have a few pictures of how they slide in and out.

They accept Paypal and they ship internationally!

(By the way, can you believe it? I don’t own a pair of bright red shoes! How is that possible?)

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