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I Heart Blue Cheese

7 June 2010

I Heart Blue Cheese

One of my favourite things in the world is CHEESE.

I could sit down with a platter of grapes, figs, nuts, crackers and A HUNDRED DIFFERENT VARIETY OF CHEESES FROM AROUND THE WORLD – and I would be in heaven.

My favourite of the lot is blue vein cheese. I can eat it by the truck load.

In fact, I will start eating blue cheese with crackers, then I’ll toss the crackers and eat the cheese on its own – so not to fill my stomach with crackers, but with CHEESE. What are the side effects of eating too much Penicillium culture? I know not. Nor do I care.

However, having said that, there is a part of my brain that I have to shut down.

Yes I know it looks absolutely disgusting.

Yes I know it is mould and is furry.

Yes I know it is the same stuff that grows on rotten lemons.

I’ve found it best to just not think about it for too long.

The other day I was in the garden, feeling a little generous. I decided to share my precious block of Bleu with my 7 year old son. I knew he wouldn’t like it if I told him what it was.

“What’s that speckled greenish thing?”

“Um it’s a kind of chopped up plant, with a kind of salty peppery flavour. It’s actually quite…

“Mum. It’s totally rotten. You shouldn’t be eating that. It’s all through the cheese! Are you crazy? You’re gonna die! Stop STOP NOOOOOO!”

He flung my plate of cheese onto the floor and it all landed with a KA-SPLAT in the dirt.

I was so mad at him.

But as I was picking up my sticky bits of cheese, my son leaned over and said apologetically, “I’m really sorry about that mum. I didn’t know that you were serious. But since you like eating rotten stuff, maybe it’ll taste even better mixed with the sand and ants?”