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Head Studio, King Street, Perth

25 May 2010

Head Studio, King Street, Perth

Last week, I took a trip into the city to get my hair done at the infamous Head Studio.

This uber-trendy salon opened its doors on fashion-oriented King Street 2 years ago, and since then, has made a huge splash in the local and national hair and fashion scene. I keep seeing their name pop up everywhere!

There is no question that the location and interior design of the studio is a big part of their fame… it is a very cool look and feel, quite unusual in Perth. Kind of vintage-romantic meets rock and roll glam, in a good way.

I had been keeping tabs of their goings-on, from the Head Studio Facebook Page, and in the mainstream media. But the actual reason I decided to pay them a visit was that three of my girlfriends (from totally separate areas of my life), go to them and RAVE ENDLESSLY about them. I can’t resist personal recommendations like that! And yes, I admit, I used my “slight blogger fame” to talk my way into a complimentary hair-do.

I spent an extraordinary 4 hours being pampered. I chatted to everyone – the directors, hair dressers, colour specialists, apprentices – and man, they were all so nice, down to earth and passionate about hairdressing. Haha, I heard everyone’s whole story and I just talked and talked and talked… about blogging, scuba diving, cycling, careers, fashion, kids, marriage… everything. Best kind of haircut experience. Ever.

Head Studio, King Street, Perth

This is me after 4 hours of cranial bliss. I had a full head of highlights, a little trim, a blow dry, and a little curl of a GHD to finish me off. I was very, very happy. I didn’t pay for this one, but I certainly would still have been happy if I had. AND I’ll definitely be back.

Head Studio
64 King St
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 08 9481 6464
Web: (includes prices and map)

Salon photos were taken from the website.