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17 May 2010

Recently, I had to leave Liam with a babysitter. And as I was getting ready, I realised that I didn’t have a little backpack so I could carry all his stuff.

I did what most mothers of THREE children would do. I went into the older children’s room and dug around under the bed looking for an old backpack.

I did find one. A five year old, third-hand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bag, which was so old, dirty, broken and tattered… and I just felt so sorry for my poor little Liam!

The baby with two big brothers, but nothing of his own!

Bits and Pieces for Liam

So I finally got my hands on some really, really cute bits and pieces – a backpack and a pencil case (which I use to hold nappy stuff) from

What makes Mooo stuff especially excellent is that it can be personalised… so Liam’s little bag has his name on it!

Anyway, I think I am in denial about how fast he’s growing up.

I suspect that I might have this “denial” for most of his life!

Because although I’ll be shopping for him for years to come, as he grows into a young man… HE’LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY!