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10 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I think most of you know that I’m not a big fan of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day may be a relaxing day if your grown up children take you out to lunch or dinner. But if you are the mother of three little boys, the “special day” can just be an annoying disruption to a carefully planned weekend routine. For example…

My 1yo Liam and I usually share breakfast. And because yesterday was Mother’s Day, my husband served me breakfast in bed. But he hadn’t really thought it through. How am I going to eat breakfast in bed with a 1yo smearing it all over me and the sheets? So my husband dragged Liam out of the bedroom, and Liam cried and cried. Ahhh! Not so relaxing!

So, after a bumpy start, we decided to have a nice, normal day, which is actually how I prefer things to be.

Anyway, I thought I would share a little “Interview” my boys did for me.

An Interview About My Mum
By Callum (Age 7) and Sean (Age 5)

1) What is your mum’s name and how old is she?
Sean – Her name is Karen, and she’s 200 years old.
Callum – She’s Karen and she’s 30.

2) What does your mum look like?
Sean – She has long hair, black eyes and she’s pretty.
Callum – She has black long hair and brown eyes. And she’s short.

3) What kind of clothes does your mum wear?
Sean – Black stuff.
Callum – Fashion stuff.

4) What does your mum like to eat?
Sean – Laska!
Callum – Chocolate!

5) What does your mum like to do for fun?
Sean – Cooking and riding her bike.
Callum – She plays with us and she rides her bike.

6) What do you like to do with your mum?
Sean – Riding my bike and playing tennis!
Callum – We cook, draw, ride bikes, play in the park, and watch TV.

7) Why do you love your mum?
Sean – Because she looks after me.
Callum – Because she’s cool, she’s nice, she’s beautiful and she cooks yummy food.

Awww – thanks guys – except for the part about being 200 years old and short!