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Low Tide at the Beach

5 May 2010

Low Tide At The Beach

The other day we spent the day at the beach.

There was not a breath of wind in the air. The ocean looked as still as a pond. It was simply amazing.

The tide was low too.

My children and I crouched over some rocks pools and watched the water twinkle and swirl in the puddles. We were mesmerised.

I wish I could say… that I was thinking about something deep and meaningful in those moments.

Maybe I was thinking about the cycle of life? Or the many natural wonders of this world? Or the hundreds of years it took to form these rock pools and how I fit into whole time span of the universe…?

But no. I was wondering what warm, wet rocks actually TASTE like.

So, of course I asked my kids.

And of course they were on their hands and knees licking the rocks faster than I could say, DON’T BREAK YOUR TEETH!

The answer: Salty.

(I was actually imagining what it would be like to pluck and eat fresh oysters off the warm, wet rocks. Or cutting up fresh fish or abalone and eating it off the rocks. So I don’t actually think it was THAT random a thought!)