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Living with Boys

3 May 2010

Sometimes I believe that I was made to be a mother of boys.

I’m not a real girly-girl. I’m not into princesses or butterflies.

I’m a bit of a tomboy at heart. I like to play footy, I like to climb trees, I like adventure.

BUT there are some aspects of BOYHOOD that I just. Can’t. Stand.

Plastic Bugs

Firstly, I hate toilet humour. Fart jokes. Poo gags. Willie talk. And general gross-ness.

It drives me crazy!

Plastic Bugs

I hate the fixation on danger. Fast bikes. Crazy stunts. Higher branches. Sharper sticks.

I just have to look away.

Plastic Bugs

And I especially hate the practical jokes. Fake spiders near my pens. Plastic bugs on my desk top. Rubber snakes on the carpet.

I just sigh, torn between crying and laughing.

This is motherhood.