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Heaven in a Bite Cupcakes

31 May 2010

Heaven in a Bite Cupcakes

As my life gets busier and busier with my three children, I have accepted that I can’t do EVERYTHING. It’s a big step for me, but hey, it’s reality, and I have to stay SANE right?

I used to spend DAYS AND NIGHTS, making a birthday cake, agonising over design and details, baking immaculate treats and stressing over the presentation of the catering. The results were amazing, but OH the stress!

So a few weeks ago, we were having a family celebration, I decided to test out a friend’s new cupcake business based in Perth – Heaven in a Bite.

Yes, the website is a bit clunky, but dear god, her cupcakes are amazing.

She said she had spent months and months researching and perfecting her recipes. She came over with boxes full of cupcake samples (to the delight of my children and I) and talked about consistency, moisture and texture, and I was like – babe, it’s got chocolate nutella centres, that’s all I really care about.

Heaven in a Bite Cupcakes

She and her team specialise in daily cupcakes – for entertaining, parties, casual afternoon tea parties etc. They have an amazing range of flavours like latte, strawberry cheesecake, carrot orange, chocolate mint, choc hazelnut, jaffa, pina colada and red velvet cupcakes.

My favourites were latte, chocolate hazelnut and red velvet – they were to die for!

They also cater for special occasions, like birthdays and baby showers.

So if you’re in Perth, a busy mum like me, $3 per gourmet cupcake to share with friends, is an EXCEPTIONAL STEP TOWARDS SANITY!

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Stop and Smell The River

27 May 2010

Bike Path Break

This was me taking a little breather by the river.

I had cycled 6km and was on my way to a little cafe perched along the shore. I stopped to notice that the water looked very pretty. The tide was a little up. That the gardeners had cut the lawn. And how I love riding on quality bike paths.

It’s funny how I become so calm and peaceful every time I see the river.

I get this overwhelming sense of belonging, of stillness, of contentment.

It helps me find my happy place.

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Head Studio, King Street, Perth

25 May 2010

Head Studio, King Street, Perth

Last week, I took a trip into the city to get my hair done at the infamous Head Studio.

This uber-trendy salon opened its doors on fashion-oriented King Street 2 years ago, and since then, has made a huge splash in the local and national hair and fashion scene. I keep seeing their name pop up everywhere!

There is no question that the location and interior design of the studio is a big part of their fame… it is a very cool look and feel, quite unusual in Perth. Kind of vintage-romantic meets rock and roll glam, in a good way.

I had been keeping tabs of their goings-on, from the Head Studio Facebook Page, and in the mainstream media. But the actual reason I decided to pay them a visit was that three of my girlfriends (from totally separate areas of my life), go to them and RAVE ENDLESSLY about them. I can’t resist personal recommendations like that! And yes, I admit, I used my “slight blogger fame” to talk my way into a complimentary hair-do.

I spent an extraordinary 4 hours being pampered. I chatted to everyone – the directors, hair dressers, colour specialists, apprentices – and man, they were all so nice, down to earth and passionate about hairdressing. Haha, I heard everyone’s whole story and I just talked and talked and talked… about blogging, scuba diving, cycling, careers, fashion, kids, marriage… everything. Best kind of haircut experience. Ever.

Head Studio, King Street, Perth

This is me after 4 hours of cranial bliss. I had a full head of highlights, a little trim, a blow dry, and a little curl of a GHD to finish me off. I was very, very happy. I didn’t pay for this one, but I certainly would still have been happy if I had. AND I’ll definitely be back.

Head Studio
64 King St
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 08 9481 6464
Web: (includes prices and map)

Salon photos were taken from the website.

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Escape To the Horse’s Arse

24 May 2010

For the last 4 years, my husband and I have a date night once a week.

We have been through some pretty rough times as a couple, we both lead a very busy life with work, kids, family… so having a little escape, together, every week, has been important in keeping our relationship fresh.

But since our third kid came along, we have been spending our date night dragging a tired, cranky baby around town, to cafes, to visit friends, to walk along the river… and especially as Liam has gotten older, it has more been a burden, rather than a pleasure.

But last night marked a night of change!

We finally agreed to leave Liam with his two brothers and the babysitter. He was asleep before we left at 6.30pm, so he was none the wiser.

As we pulled out of our driveway, we were wide-eyed with bewilderment. HOLY MOLY IT’S JUST THE TWO OF US!

We were like escapees on the run. Wild rabbits let loose. FREEEEEDOOOM!

And I confess, we went a little crazy. By 7.30pm, we were seated in one of the most expensive restaurant in Perth. It was called “1907”, and it was in the heart of the city. I had both heard and read about it for its marvelously posh decor, lush ambiance, fabulous wines, an excellent reputation for their menu, and a substantial price tag to match!

We sat there grinning.

You see, I love fussy, expensive food in posh restaurants, and my husband can’t stand it. He is perfectly happy with chicken rice, or a kebab by the side of the road. So when I force him into “posh nosh”, maybe once or twice a year, he enjoys himself by making fun of it… and I don’t mind. He is great at pointing out how ridiculous everything is. It’s like a festival of madness.

For example, the interior of the restaurant is a mix of mock colonial décor with modern art… and the main art work is a full-sized sculpture of a horse, which welcomes you as you enter the restaurant. The horse has a lamp shade sticking out of its head, in a manner that is completely without motivation, or decorative appeal. This is a sure sign that it is both very cool “modern” art, and probably very expensive.


Now, a horse is pretty big when you see it inside a building, and this sculpture dominates the whole of the dinning room. Even more impressively, its tail is frozen in a “flicked-up” pose… so everyone in the expensive restaurant can look right up a horses arse all night! And I can honestly say that I’ve never had that experience before.

The waitress was so formal that I thought she might have been a robot… very, very efficient, but in need of a personality upgrade (maybe it’s just hard to keep up a grin when you work that close to a horse’s arse all night).

And the cost of the food was eye-watering. Here is my entrée – roasted marron tail (a small freshwater lobster). A single, lonely, roasted marron.


It’s not much bigger than a large cherry, but it cost 29 dollars. For the ENTRÉE!

Mains were 50 dollars for a “medallion” of beef with a couple of tablespoons of vegetables.

The lighting treatment in the restaurant was so soft and dim that everyone looks much younger than they really are… and this continues into the rest rooms. It was so dark in the black tiled bathrooms that it was like I was on a crashed spaceship, with only the emergency lighting on. It must be saving them a fortune on cleaning bills and electricity.

Okay, so I don’t sound very impressed…. but actually, overall, I was VERY impressed. Why?

Well, we knew it was going to be pricey before we went. And for that money, you want an unusual experience. The service was excellent, as was the food. The serves of food were tiny, but they were SENSATIONAL in texture and flavour. The menu had something for everyone, but was not overwhelming – it was focused on a limited range that they are obviously doing very, very well. And the lighting, interior design and music were perfect for long, easy conversation.

It’s not for everyday dinning, but perfect for a special night out.

And the waitress even gave us a tiny smile on the way out!

Alleyway, 26 Queen Street,
Perth WA 6000
P: 08 9436 0233

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ASOS – Flat Rate Shipping to Australia and Asia

20 May 2010

ASOS Online Fashion Shop - Tops

So have you discovered the addiction of – The Online Fashion Store??

The mega online fashion store has recently announced £10.50 FLAT RATE shipping to Asia and Australasia, which is rather exciting if you’re a fan like me. It means you can go crazy, buy lots of items and just pay one flat price!

Anyway, today I thought I’d feature some very wearable and buy-able ASOS tops I found. They are a little dressy, versatile, simple and easy additions to a wardrobe.

ASOS Online Fashion Shop - Tops

You see, in the last few weeks, I have been opening my wardrobe and thinking – Gah, I need something new to wear!!

Perhaps it is the change in season and the fact that I have been cycling through the same items for a few months now. I just need something different to layer under a jacket, or with a cardigan, or over leggings, or with jeans. Something!

ASOS Online Fashion Shop - Tops

What I love about is that IT IS HUGE. There is so much good stuff there. Casual. Dressy. Formal. Trendy. Designer stuff. Outlet sales. Beauty. Mens wear. Kids wear. You can just spend hours just browsing and browsing :)

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All I can taste is this moment

19 May 2010

Clouds and Blue Sky

Lying on the grass.

Looking up at the sky.

Thinking about life.


And happiness.

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Mooo Online Shop for Kids Stuff

17 May 2010

Recently, I had to leave Liam with a babysitter. And as I was getting ready, I realised that I didn’t have a little backpack so I could carry all his stuff.

I did what most mothers of THREE children would do. I went into the older children’s room and dug around under the bed looking for an old backpack.

I did find one. A five year old, third-hand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bag, which was so old, dirty, broken and tattered… and I just felt so sorry for my poor little Liam!

The baby with two big brothers, but nothing of his own!

Bits and Pieces for Liam

So I finally got my hands on some really, really cute bits and pieces – a backpack and a pencil case (which I use to hold nappy stuff) from

What makes Mooo stuff especially excellent is that it can be personalised… so Liam’s little bag has his name on it!

Anyway, I think I am in denial about how fast he’s growing up.

I suspect that I might have this “denial” for most of his life!

Because although I’ll be shopping for him for years to come, as he grows into a young man… HE’LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY!

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STYLEAID 2010 Tribe – A Preview

14 May 2010

It’s almost the time of year for STYLEAID!

STYLEAID is a fashion fundraising event for the WA AIDS Council, to help with the education, prevention, care and support of the community in Western Australia. In my own opinion, STYLEAID is also the “night of nights” in the WA fashion calender. Last year was a very impressive blast!


I am so impressed with the people behind the upcoming STYLEAID event! Each year’s theme allows a fresh take on looks and styles. They released this AMAZING photo featuring a selection of WA fashion designers who are participating in the this year’s project.

The photo is actually supposed to run as one LONG continuous image, but I had to chop it up into three in order to fit in onto my blog!

This year the theme they have chose is TRIBE – a society consisting of families or communities who share a common culture and dialect.

I see so many familiar faces in this photo, people whom I have met and talked to, designers who’s work I have followed for years, and I am so proud to see them together like this! A tribe indeed!

This year the event will be held at –
Burswood Entertainment Complex
Friday, July 30, 2010 at 7pm

Ticket Prices:
VIP – $375
Diamond – $250
Platinum – $225

Tickets on sale now!

Phone number to book tickets: (08) 9482 0000

Or book online:

Photo Caption
Top Row:
Timothy Godbold
Model and Arj Selvam
Flannel (designer not present)
Daniel Romanin for One Fell Swoop (Nikolina Ergic not present)
Chrissie Catling for S2
United Constructions (Helen Miraudo and Jill Crabb not present)
Daniella Caputi

Middle Row:
Kooey (Nikki Silverthorne not present)
Fenella Peacock for Antipodium (Geoffrey J Finch not present)
Elisha Quintal for The Butcher and the Crow
Tane Andrews and Kira Goodey for Of Cabbages and Kings
Andrea Wolf

Bottom Row:
Zoe Trotman for Lonely 8-Bit Hero
Isobel Macaulay for Pinch and Spoon
Garth Cook
Alvin Fernandez for Ae’lkemi
Aurelio Costarella

Photo Credits –
Photographer: Oscar Chong
Models: Ashlee, Caris, Chloe, Natalie, Nicole & Christopher from Chadwick Models
Creative Director: Aly May
Styling Assistant: Chloe Spalding

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Treasures from my Garden

13 May 2010

Cut roses from the garden

I love the smell of cut roses from the garden.

They bow silently in the corner of the room.

The smell of heavy wetness hangs in the air.

Syrupy aromas swirl gently as I walk past.

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Baby 3: Liam at 13 Months

12 May 2010

Liam at 13 months

We were at the beach a few weeks ago, and I took this photo of Liam as he chased after waves and got splashed by his brothers. I simply love his expression because it just captures the sheer happiness, exhilaration and uninhibited, screaming joy of being a kid.

Liam is developing a very strong personality! He wants to be like his big brothers, and when he feels that he is left out, he SCREAMS! When he wants something, he SCREAMS! If something is taken away, he SCREAMS!

I guess it’s not so much of a scream… it’s more of a LOUD frustrated, outraged complaint – EERRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!

But other than that, he’s a very happy kid.

As long as he can explore the outdoors, have singing and cuddle time, and a biscuit in his hand, he’s good as gold.

Liam on a Bike Ride

As I mentioned last week, I have been doing a lot of cycling with Liam. He sits in the child bike seat while I ride. And when we reach my favourite park by the river, sometimes we stop, have a stretch, play on the grass and share a snack.

Such a simple moment… and these pictures will help me remember it forever, after he’s grown up and got his own life.

It’s one of the reasons I keep blogging, I guess.

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The Little Black Dress

11 May 2010

Little Black Dresses Embarrassingly, I have over 20 little black dresses, all in different lengths, cuts, embellishments, materials.

But there is a reason why I have so many, and why the little black dress lives forever in the world of women’s fashion. Versatility.

Being black, it goes with any hair or skin colour. Because of it’s very simplicity, it has an eternal sophistication, and it becomes the perfect foundation to build up with accessories – any accessories. The little black dress is fashion trend proof, which is a rare thing.

To be honest, when I’m feeling uninspired, unsure, or just don’t have time to think about what to wear, I grab my favourite-at-the-moment little black dress. It is my trustworthy friend :)

So I thought I’d show off a few little black dresses I have in my wardrobe.

I chose three dresses that can be bought online from Fashion Junkee – one of my favourite online shops that strikes a great balance in affordability and quality for dresses.

The first dress, is my favourite. An Off the Shoulder Mini Dress.

As the name suggests, you can wear it off-the-shoulder. Or as a boat neck, as pictured.

I’ve had it for 2 years. I’ve washed and worn it quite a number of times. And it’s still stretchy, slinky and in amazing condition. Excellent cost per wear!

Little Black Dresses

Here on the left I’m wearing a One Shoulder Rouched Dress. It has lots of great features – the material has a lot of stretch, the rouching hides all kinds of bumps and lumps, it is fully lined, you can dress it up or down, you can wear it underneath something.

On the right, is a very simple and elegant Cap Sleeved Dress. It’s also fully lined, it is easy to dress up or down, and it just sits and falls so comfortably!

I admit that over twenty may be too many…and I am very interested in fashion…but shouldn’t every girl have at least two or three?

Long live the little black dress!

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Paper Flowers and Other Things Made With Love

10 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I think most of you know that I’m not a big fan of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day may be a relaxing day if your grown up children take you out to lunch or dinner. But if you are the mother of three little boys, the “special day” can just be an annoying disruption to a carefully planned weekend routine. For example…

My 1yo Liam and I usually share breakfast. And because yesterday was Mother’s Day, my husband served me breakfast in bed. But he hadn’t really thought it through. How am I going to eat breakfast in bed with a 1yo smearing it all over me and the sheets? So my husband dragged Liam out of the bedroom, and Liam cried and cried. Ahhh! Not so relaxing!

So, after a bumpy start, we decided to have a nice, normal day, which is actually how I prefer things to be.

Anyway, I thought I would share a little “Interview” my boys did for me.

An Interview About My Mum
By Callum (Age 7) and Sean (Age 5)

1) What is your mum’s name and how old is she?
Sean – Her name is Karen, and she’s 200 years old.
Callum – She’s Karen and she’s 30.

2) What does your mum look like?
Sean – She has long hair, black eyes and she’s pretty.
Callum – She has black long hair and brown eyes. And she’s short.

3) What kind of clothes does your mum wear?
Sean – Black stuff.
Callum – Fashion stuff.

4) What does your mum like to eat?
Sean – Laska!
Callum – Chocolate!

5) What does your mum like to do for fun?
Sean – Cooking and riding her bike.
Callum – She plays with us and she rides her bike.

6) What do you like to do with your mum?
Sean – Riding my bike and playing tennis!
Callum – We cook, draw, ride bikes, play in the park, and watch TV.

7) Why do you love your mum?
Sean – Because she looks after me.
Callum – Because she’s cool, she’s nice, she’s beautiful and she cooks yummy food.

Awww – thanks guys – except for the part about being 200 years old and short!

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I Love My Bike

7 May 2010

I Love My Bike

If you have been following me on Facebook, you would have probably noticed that I’ve been on a bit of an exercise bender lately.

You see, I’ve finally found a form of exercise that fits in *perfectly* with my daily life – cycling.

8am, I ride with my 2 big kids to school, everyday. My baby sits behind me on a child bike seat.

At 9am, I leave the school grounds, I toss my baby an apple, and set off for a 10km ride.

It takes me 40 minutes to complete. And by then my baby has finished eating his apple and has had enough of looking at my ass.

I’ve been cycling 2km to 5km for a couple of weeks now. And now I’m doing 10km every morning, and I FEEL AWESOME!

I’m loving my wheels. The rush. The speed. The pain. The racing of my heart. The cold morning air. The view of the river. It’s really incredible.

Cycling is very popular here in Perth. I know lots of people who spend THOUSANDS of dollars on their bikes and all kinds of techy, geeky bike gear. I’m a little scared to get swept up by it all, because I don’t want it to take over my life! I mean, my husband found my current bike on a rubbish-pile outside someone’s house – and it was in perfect condition too!

The truth is, I would love to ride further than 10km, but I just don’t have enough time in my day to do it. Just have to ride faster, I guess.

But one thing is for sure. I will definitely invest in some good-looking and better-quality performance wear!

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Daily Outfit: A Field Jacket and A Hair Cut

6 May 2010

Daily Outfit: A Field Jacket and A Hair Cut

After my last outfit post, I thought I’d post something that was more of an “everyday” outfit. So this is what I wear most autumn days when I go out! Skinny jeans, tank, boots.

Most people talk about an “effortless chic” style, but I call it “being lazy”!

I dug out a military-style jacket from the back of my wardrobe and remembered how much I loved it when I bought it many, many years ago! I think they call them Field Jackets over at Who What Wear.

The boots are awesome little ankle boot from Betts. Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans – when I want something with closed toes and with height.

Jeans are from Sass and Bide. I can’t be bothered to take up the hems, so I wear them scrunched, and I like it.

I also got a trim the other day. Yes it’s been months since my last haircut.

I lopped off an impressive 15cm of hair, which I know, for most people, is hardly a TRIM. I’m a bit unsure of the length. To me, it doesn’t constitute as “long hair”. It feels neither here nor there. So I think I’ll take the lazy option and just grow it longer.

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Low Tide at the Beach

5 May 2010

Low Tide At The Beach

The other day we spent the day at the beach.

There was not a breath of wind in the air. The ocean looked as still as a pond. It was simply amazing.

The tide was low too.

My children and I crouched over some rocks pools and watched the water twinkle and swirl in the puddles. We were mesmerised.

I wish I could say… that I was thinking about something deep and meaningful in those moments.

Maybe I was thinking about the cycle of life? Or the many natural wonders of this world? Or the hundreds of years it took to form these rock pools and how I fit into whole time span of the universe…?

But no. I was wondering what warm, wet rocks actually TASTE like.

So, of course I asked my kids.

And of course they were on their hands and knees licking the rocks faster than I could say, DON’T BREAK YOUR TEETH!

The answer: Salty.

(I was actually imagining what it would be like to pluck and eat fresh oysters off the warm, wet rocks. Or cutting up fresh fish or abalone and eating it off the rocks. So I don’t actually think it was THAT random a thought!)

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Living with Boys

3 May 2010

Sometimes I believe that I was made to be a mother of boys.

I’m not a real girly-girl. I’m not into princesses or butterflies.

I’m a bit of a tomboy at heart. I like to play footy, I like to climb trees, I like adventure.

BUT there are some aspects of BOYHOOD that I just. Can’t. Stand.

Plastic Bugs

Firstly, I hate toilet humour. Fart jokes. Poo gags. Willie talk. And general gross-ness.

It drives me crazy!

Plastic Bugs

I hate the fixation on danger. Fast bikes. Crazy stunts. Higher branches. Sharper sticks.

I just have to look away.

Plastic Bugs

And I especially hate the practical jokes. Fake spiders near my pens. Plastic bugs on my desk top. Rubber snakes on the carpet.

I just sigh, torn between crying and laughing.

This is motherhood.