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Day Trip to the River

26 April 2010

Castle Building at the River

During the school holidays, we enjoyed a lovely Autumn day by the river.

We all cycled to the river! My two big boys were on their own bikes. I was on my bike. And my husband rode with our baby in the child carrier. It was a first time we’ve done anything like it.

It took us 30 minutes of cycling along roads and footpaths, going over bridges, and through parks.

But oh what a glorious 30 minutes they were! The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the air was delicious.

I had a magical moment, where I felt the warmth of the sun on my arms… and I was filled with such an abundance of glowing happiness.

Castle Building at the River

I admit, I was a little nervous about the kids cycling on the roads and past driveways. But they were excellent bike riders, and had great road sense.

Of course we stopped to have a picnic. We made an impressive sand castle, with a moat, a river system, and exterior ornamentation made up from an array of foliage.

Castle Building at the River

This is my 1 year old sitting in the moat. We let him crawl around in the sand and get right into the castle building action. Actually, we had no choice…he was crashing through the sand castle, gleefuly smashing down what we had made, like a giant monster!

We gave him an apple to munch on, but he kept dropping it into the sand. He ended up with a smear of sticky apple juice all over his chin, and combined with sand, it looked like a cute, manly stubble.

It was a day filled with simple pleasures. The best kind, really, right?