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Music in the Park

23 April 2010

Playschool at Kings Park

A few weeks ago, we joined a few families to see the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at Kings Park. The evening was aimed at families and young children, featuring a popular children’s TV presenter from Playschool.

I was actually expecting a nice QUIET evening, sitting on a picnic rug, enjoying the spacious greenery, eating olives and cheese, sipping soda water, listening to cute nursery rhymes while the kids played happily on the lawn.

But as you can see, nearly 3000 people turned up, making a patchwork of picnic rugs laid out on the ground until there was not an inch of grass to be seen.

I was a terrified that I would lose my children in the ocean of heads, but thankfully they didn’t stray too far.

The evening was very, very warm. As we sat on our rugs in the setting sun, we slowly baked and sweated, like thousands of roast potatoes. Finally, the sun dipped behind the trees, and the show started.

The kids had a fantastic time.

They raced to the front and moshed with the hundreds of other kids, all dancing and singing, while security guards formed a barrier. But unlike a rock concert, the security guards were not there to stop the audience from invading the stage. They were there to stop the kids jumping or falling into the ornamental lake!

But what did make it like a rock concert were the hundreds of mum’s who were standing up, waving their hands, and dancing to the “hokey-pokey”. Haha it was good stuff.