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Let’s Talk About Guns

12 April 2010


I found this drawing of a person with a gun on our Megasketcher drawing toy.

I immediately recognized that it was done by Sean, my 5 year old, because his drawing style is quite different from Callum’s.

I was really impressed with how his drawing is coming along, but I was also quite disturbed by the picture.

Of course, Sean is a boy, and I know that boys are interested in weapons, but still, I just felt that I needed to have a talk with Sean about how guns are very dangerous in real life, unlike in games and movies.

So we sat down after school for a TALK.

Sean was so proud that I wanted to talk about his drawing, but when I mentioned the gun, he was shocked.

“But Mum, it’s not a gun. It’s YOU with your hair-dryer! Can’t you SEE??”

Oh. Well, okay then.

So I guess he still has some way to go with his drawing skills!