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Boys and Their Tools

9 April 2010

A few weeks ago I received an email from my sponsors, Nuffnang asking whether I’d like to test out some Mattel Toys based on Disney characters.

Well, I always find it cute when kids play with the toy version of their favourite cartoon characters.

And when I was a little girl, I had 15 Care Bears and would spend HOURS AND HOURS making up imaginary adventures for them. Ah those were good times, just me and my bears.

So I said yes, and they sent over two Handy Manny toys for me (and my boys) to check out.

I admit that I’ve never seen the cartoon of Handy Manny. I knew of it’s existence. But my boys recognised him immediately and said, “He’s a Spanish Bob the Builder… and but he’s got cooler tools.”

Of course. It’s all about TOOLS for boys.

Boys and Their Tools

In my days, cartoons were filled with coyotes dropping canons on themselves, crazy rabbits and exploding shotguns, cat and mouse chases, and puppets smashing their heads on pianos.

Since having children, and being surrounded by new toys, I admit that I am very surprised by the level of research and educational design that goes into MODERN CARTOONS.

Now, cartoons are all colour coded, educational and seek to embrace ethnic variety. It’s all very progressive and clever!

Manny is Hispanic and looks like a very friendly and helpful sort of lad. The Manny Toy actually says various phrases in English and in Spanish.

And let me tell you this, his VOICE is the coolest voice and accent that I’ve ever heard on a cartoon character!

I thought that he would have an irritating squeaky voice. But no. When you press his belt buckle, his voice is very exotic to my ears and rather deep.

In fact, when I’m in another room, it sounds like there’s a SPANISH TEENAGED BOY IN MY LIVING ROOM TALKING TO MY BABY!

But I tell myself, Phew, it’s ok. It’s just Manny.

Boys and Their Tools

Both The Talking Toolbox and Manny figure are probably more suited for kids 3 – 5 years.

However, my 1 year old has already learned what hammers are for :)