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Kung-Fu Backgammon

5 April 2010

My husband loves taking the boys, one at a time, to cafes, where they drink tea and hot chocolate, talk, draw, and play cards… and more recently, play backgammon.


They don’t play real backgammon, just a very simplified dash across the board in one direction, which the boys can appreciate. It’s so simple that it really should just be the luck of the dice roll that decides who wins.

But the funny thing is, the boys ALWAYS win. They come home gloating about how they beat their Dad.

At first I though he was letting them win. What a nice guy. But he confessed to me that he wasn’t letting them win… they just always beat him!

In the beginning, he thought it was luck. But it went on and on. And then he thought they were just cheating by moving more places than they had rolled. But they weren’t.

So then he started writing down their throws and his throws, then adding them up, and sure enough, no matter how many times they play, the boys always get bigger numbers for each roll.

But it has gotten worse for him.

The boys, especially Sean, taunt him about how they do it. They say stuff like “I shake the dice three and a half times, and that’s how I get big numbers” or “You have to hold the dice with both hands and then throw them sideways out of one hand”.

They think it is so funny to watch my husband’s frustration and disbelief.

And it has been going on now for so long, my husband says, that it can’t possibly just be luck.

So his current theory is that both boys have inherited some superior CHINESE MARTIAL-ARTS-GAMBLING-DICE-THROWING GENE that allow them to control way the dice roll out of their hand.

Let’s just hope they don’t get into gambling, or we’ll be in big trouble!