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Sun-Kissed Clouds

30 April 2010


A slow motion, swirling ballet in the last light of the day.

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Daily Outfit: Fendi and Chicago

29 April 2010

Daily Outfit: Fendi and ChicagoI probably should title this particular outfit post “What I Dressed Up In” rather than “Daily Outfit”.

Because I certainly don’t strut around town dressed up like this!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to see Chicago the musical. We had great seats, , and as you can see, I was a little inspired, and I thought I’d have a bit of fun dressing up.

Yep, a bit more sexy than my usual look, but hey, it was nothing compared to all the hot dancers on the stage!

A while ago I mentioned that I was looking for some white clothing to add to my wardrobe.

Since then I’ve been on an online hunt for some classic white pieces.

I found some yummy white Fendi skinny jeans on Net-A-Porter – but they were AUD$500. Ouch!

So after a little more looking around, I bought these white Fendi skinny jeans on ebay for $50!

Now I gotta find a white tuxedo style jacket and I’ll be all set.

Jacket from Cue.
Pants by Fendi.
Shoes from Betts.
Earrings from Witchery.
Hat is borrowed.

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My Garden – Moonflowers, Roma Tomatoes and Oregano

28 April 2010

My Organic Garden - Moonflower

My Organic Garden - Tomatoes

My Organic Garden - Oregano

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Fashion Find: Bags n Packs

27 April 2010

Daily Outfit with Bags N PacksI have never been a crazed, fashion handbag addict – I can imagine it is a costly habit!

At this stage in my life, I prefer to have a timeless and practical handbag.

Having children, I find that I need to carry around a lot of stuff, and my handbag tends to be bashed around a lot.

Sometimes I find my bag stuffed with half eaten apples or biscuits, and it often gets thrown in the boot of the car, crushed under the pram, stepped on, tossed off a chair, pried open by dirty fingers.

So it helps that my handbag is made to last!

The team at Bags n Packs sent over a box full of goodies for me to review!

They have an excellent collection of very affordable, simple handbag designs in genuine leather.

I’m holding a White Alexa Bag, which was my favourite, also comes in red and black.

It’s such a simple shape that’s perfect for day and night.

Bags N Packs

From left to right:
Alexa Bag in white genuine leather
Kirsty Bag
in tan genuine leather
Loretta Bag in black genuine leather

Bags N Packs

From left to right:
Jenny Bag, navy blue genuine patchwork leather
Taylor Bag
, genuine leather dark tan
Serena Bag, slouchy genuine lambskin leather

Daily Outfit Notes:

I’m wearing my over the knee boots in a casual outfit again.
Jacket from Country Road
Top from MNG
Jeans from Nobody
Over the Knee Boots from Betts

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Day Trip to the River

26 April 2010

Castle Building at the River

During the school holidays, we enjoyed a lovely Autumn day by the river.

We all cycled to the river! My two big boys were on their own bikes. I was on my bike. And my husband rode with our baby in the child carrier. It was a first time we’ve done anything like it.

It took us 30 minutes of cycling along roads and footpaths, going over bridges, and through parks.

But oh what a glorious 30 minutes they were! The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the air was delicious.

I had a magical moment, where I felt the warmth of the sun on my arms… and I was filled with such an abundance of glowing happiness.

Castle Building at the River

I admit, I was a little nervous about the kids cycling on the roads and past driveways. But they were excellent bike riders, and had great road sense.

Of course we stopped to have a picnic. We made an impressive sand castle, with a moat, a river system, and exterior ornamentation made up from an array of foliage.

Castle Building at the River

This is my 1 year old sitting in the moat. We let him crawl around in the sand and get right into the castle building action. Actually, we had no choice…he was crashing through the sand castle, gleefuly smashing down what we had made, like a giant monster!

We gave him an apple to munch on, but he kept dropping it into the sand. He ended up with a smear of sticky apple juice all over his chin, and combined with sand, it looked like a cute, manly stubble.

It was a day filled with simple pleasures. The best kind, really, right?

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Music in the Park

23 April 2010

Playschool at Kings Park

A few weeks ago, we joined a few families to see the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at Kings Park. The evening was aimed at families and young children, featuring a popular children’s TV presenter from Playschool.

I was actually expecting a nice QUIET evening, sitting on a picnic rug, enjoying the spacious greenery, eating olives and cheese, sipping soda water, listening to cute nursery rhymes while the kids played happily on the lawn.

But as you can see, nearly 3000 people turned up, making a patchwork of picnic rugs laid out on the ground until there was not an inch of grass to be seen.

I was a terrified that I would lose my children in the ocean of heads, but thankfully they didn’t stray too far.

The evening was very, very warm. As we sat on our rugs in the setting sun, we slowly baked and sweated, like thousands of roast potatoes. Finally, the sun dipped behind the trees, and the show started.

The kids had a fantastic time.

They raced to the front and moshed with the hundreds of other kids, all dancing and singing, while security guards formed a barrier. But unlike a rock concert, the security guards were not there to stop the audience from invading the stage. They were there to stop the kids jumping or falling into the ornamental lake!

But what did make it like a rock concert were the hundreds of mum’s who were standing up, waving their hands, and dancing to the “hokey-pokey”. Haha it was good stuff.

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Fashion Find: Lace Up Flats

22 April 2010

Flat Shoes - Brogues

I’ve been a little bored with wearing ballet flats, and I think it’s time for a change.

I spied some cool looking lace up flats (some places call them oxfords or brogues) at various online stores. Enjoy!

Top : Billy by Zu Shoes and Mandy by Betts

Middle: Lahaie by Aldo and Chasten by Aldo

Bottom: Bronx Herald by ASOS and Pointed Lace Ups by Urban Outfitters

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For now. For later. For your happiness.

21 April 2010

It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed a glass of wine.

I haven’t touched any alcohol since I began trying for a baby. Then I fell pregnant, had the baby, and then breastfed for a year. So I’d say it has been 2 years.

I’m not a big drinker anyway. I don’t crave alcohol, and I don’t enjoy the hangover the next day. Not to mention, I have the Asian gene that turns me into a bright red lobster if I drink too much. So I tend to stay away.

But I LOVE the taste of red wine.

And I’ve been keeping a special bottle for the moment I decide to be … a little naughty, reckless and indulgent. To celebrate ME, if you will.

Yesterday, I decided, was that day.

I poured myself a very small glass of red wine, I snuck into the back room, turned up the music and sat back to enjoy. Ah, it was a grand, stolen moment.

A little while later, my husband must’ve seen the opened bottle, realised what was going on … and appreciated how unusual this moment was in my life.

So he quietly brought this into my room, and without a word, placed it beside me and left.

Water. Panadol. Chocolate.

Water. Panadol. Chocolate.

For my hydration. Hangover. Happiness.

I don’t know about you, but I thought it was one of those unexpected, beautiful gestures that speak a thousand words of love.

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Daily Outfit: Rick Owens and Camel

20 April 2010

Daily Outfit : Rick Owens and CamelThe cold weather is approaching and I’m suddenly reeling away from having to wear layers. I just want to live in singlet tops!

Anyway, I was at lunch the other day, and I had an amusing realisation that I was wearing a kind of theme for me – my favourites.

A simple black tank top by one of my favourite designers, Rick Owens.

Skirt by Witchery, one of my favourite high street Australian fashion stores.

One of my favourite clothing colours, camel, which is suddenly all popular now (again).

Sunglasses by Chloe, another of my favourite designer labels.

A scarf by a possibly-new-favourite-Australian-designer, Ellery, launching a very cool collection at Sportsgirl.

My favourite shoes, sling back heels by Zu Shoes. I wear them everywhere!

And lunch was most enjoyable too!

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All Smiles

19 April 2010

Smiley Balls

I fall in love with my kids all over again about twice a day. Often, I’m at breaking point with their bickering and fighting, and their lack of gratitude. Even when they are not actually fighting, their noise, mess and energy irritate the crap out of me.

But then they’ll do something that makes me smile.

Recently, they saved up some pocket money and bought a $2.50 smiley ball each.

I was very impressed with their purchase, on many levels.

Firstly because the smiley faces were so darn cute.

Secondly, they knew that lollies and chocolates will be eaten up and BE GONE, but the balls will last longer. So in that sense, they understand the value of money.

Thirdly, as I see the balls lying on the grass, grinning up at the sky, the image seems to capture the essence of the two awesome kids I have – all their noise, mess and energy.

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A Lesson On Individuality

16 April 2010

Chalk Drawing by Sean

This is another drawing by my second son, who almost 5 year old.

I must be honest and tell you, that deep within my heart, I was not particularly inspired when I saw it.

I mean, when my FIRST SON was 3.5 he drew this pirate. When he was almost 4, he drew Buzz Lightyear using all the correct colours and shapes. And when he was 5, he made this robot bird creature which took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on it. The designer in me sung to the high heavens.

SO when, when my second son dragged me over to show me what he had drawn, I had to force myself to SMILE!


And I knew in my heart that I had told a little lie.

A lie that all parents make because they love their children. We have to boost their confidence, somewhat, right? You really don’t want to be saying, OH actually that’s a pretty crap drawing for a 5 year old. Stick to letters mate.

I felt a little bad, and wondered if he heard the FORCEDNESS of my feedback. So I asked him what the picture was about.

He told me:

Well this guy on the edge likes to draw moustaches on paintings of people. And he crept into this house and saw a painting of a man, and he drew a moustache on him! But he didn’t know that the painting was actually a real man who was standing very, very still. on the other side of a window frame. So he looked like a painting! And now the real man had a moustache and he was angry so he booted the first man out of the house and the arrow shows that he flew off the side of the chalk board.

OMG I fell over with laughter! An honest, belly shaking laughter. The way he just blurted it all out from no where was so funny! A complete story whizzing around in his little head! Hilarious and creative! It was totally unexpected.

I was definitely buzzing from delight, a touch of guilt, and a slap on the wrist for comparing the personalities and abilities of my children.

Callum may be a great artist, but Sean will be a great story-teller!

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Merge Clothing in Subiaco, Perth

15 April 2010

Merge Clothing Boutique in Subiaco

Ask any trendy girl in Perth, and Merge Clothing is definitely the place to find a fabulous party dress!

Settled in the corner of The Colonnade, in Subiaco, the boutique first began as a pop-up designer store promoting and supporting young local designers.

Now 9 years later, it has established itself as a local boutique offering clothes and accessories from some of Australia’s hottest labels and independent designers – such as Manning Cartell, Samantha Wills, Story by Tang, Illionare, Generics, Zanthus, Nobody Jeans, This is Genevieve, Metalicus, Sumakhi, , Arnsdorf, Cheap Monday.

Merge Clothing Boutique in Subiaco

On the left I’m wearing a dress by Story By Tang, by fabulous Perth designer Christina Tang. I am a big fan of her work. I find so many of her dresses to be simple and striking. And I think I might be wearing one of her best work!

On the right, I’m wearing a gorgeous nude silk dress by local designer, Moochabella.

And a few months ago, I bought these harem pants by Zanthus.

Generics Accessories from Merge Clothing Boutique in Subiaco

My other favourite things to check out in the store are these amazingly cool handbags and accessories by Generics. I’ll be doing a feature on their upcoming online store very soon!

I have the bag in the bottom right corner – The Yummy Mummy Bag. LOVE IT.

You can find out more about them at the Merge Clothing Website.

but the best way to keep an eye on new arrivals, great sales or VIP events… is through the Merge Facebook Page.

Merge Clothing
Shop 9 / 388 The Colonnade,
Corner of Hay & Catherine St
Subiaco, Australia 6008
P: + 618 9380 4397
View map here.

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Snacks and Other Eating Hours

14 April 2010


I’ve been told that I don’t have very “typical eating hours”.

I’m not sure what the TYPICAL HOURS are – perhaps something that fits in with the 9 to 5 working hours?

Anyway, pictured above is my after-lunch snack: Spinach, feta, tomatoes, sprouts and wholegrain mustard dressing.

My Eating Hours:

I have breakfast at 6am.

I have morning tea at 9am.

I have lunch at 11am.

I have an after-lunch snack at 1pm.

I eat dinner at 5pm.

I have another snack at 9pm.

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Daily Outfit: Nicola Finetti Sheer Top

13 April 2010

Daily Outfit - Nicola Finetti Blouse

The other day I was experimenting with a slightly different style.

I wanted to look a bit quirky-gothic, but still feminine and elegant.

I’m wearing an amazing, sheer blouse with puffy shoulders by Nicola Finetti at Frockaholics. It’s supposed to be a high-collar blouse, but I’m wearing it in an open style and it falls beautifully.

The earrings are gorgeous crow feather earrings by jewellery designer and friend of mine Alister Yiap – very elegant goth!

It was lovely to wear this outfit, but my hair didn’t last long. Need more hairspray and pins next time.

Top is by Kookai
Ruffle skirt is by Forever New
Shoes by Zu Shoes

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

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Let’s Talk About Guns

12 April 2010


I found this drawing of a person with a gun on our Megasketcher drawing toy.

I immediately recognized that it was done by Sean, my 5 year old, because his drawing style is quite different from Callum’s.

I was really impressed with how his drawing is coming along, but I was also quite disturbed by the picture.

Of course, Sean is a boy, and I know that boys are interested in weapons, but still, I just felt that I needed to have a talk with Sean about how guns are very dangerous in real life, unlike in games and movies.

So we sat down after school for a TALK.

Sean was so proud that I wanted to talk about his drawing, but when I mentioned the gun, he was shocked.

“But Mum, it’s not a gun. It’s YOU with your hair-dryer! Can’t you SEE??”

Oh. Well, okay then.

So I guess he still has some way to go with his drawing skills!

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Boys and Their Tools

9 April 2010

A few weeks ago I received an email from my sponsors, Nuffnang asking whether I’d like to test out some Mattel Toys based on Disney characters.

Well, I always find it cute when kids play with the toy version of their favourite cartoon characters.

And when I was a little girl, I had 15 Care Bears and would spend HOURS AND HOURS making up imaginary adventures for them. Ah those were good times, just me and my bears.

So I said yes, and they sent over two Handy Manny toys for me (and my boys) to check out.

I admit that I’ve never seen the cartoon of Handy Manny. I knew of it’s existence. But my boys recognised him immediately and said, “He’s a Spanish Bob the Builder… and but he’s got cooler tools.”

Of course. It’s all about TOOLS for boys.

Boys and Their Tools

In my days, cartoons were filled with coyotes dropping canons on themselves, crazy rabbits and exploding shotguns, cat and mouse chases, and puppets smashing their heads on pianos.

Since having children, and being surrounded by new toys, I admit that I am very surprised by the level of research and educational design that goes into MODERN CARTOONS.

Now, cartoons are all colour coded, educational and seek to embrace ethnic variety. It’s all very progressive and clever!

Manny is Hispanic and looks like a very friendly and helpful sort of lad. The Manny Toy actually says various phrases in English and in Spanish.

And let me tell you this, his VOICE is the coolest voice and accent that I’ve ever heard on a cartoon character!

I thought that he would have an irritating squeaky voice. But no. When you press his belt buckle, his voice is very exotic to my ears and rather deep.

In fact, when I’m in another room, it sounds like there’s a SPANISH TEENAGED BOY IN MY LIVING ROOM TALKING TO MY BABY!

But I tell myself, Phew, it’s ok. It’s just Manny.

Boys and Their Tools

Both The Talking Toolbox and Manny figure are probably more suited for kids 3 – 5 years.

However, my 1 year old has already learned what hammers are for :)

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Japan Fashion Week 2010

8 April 2010

I don’t know much about Japan Fashion Week. I just know that it doesn’t get as much coverage as London or Paris.

So I thought I’d share some cool outfits and designs that I really liked!


Naomi Yamamoto for Tiny Dinosaur.


Hidenori Kumakiri for Beautiful People.

Images from the JPF site.

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Baby 3: Liam Walks

7 April 2010

Liam at 1 year - Kicking a ball

My 1 year old baby walks now. A lot.

It is his preferred mode of transportation, unless he is tired.

It’s amazing. First he took a few steps. Then a few more.

Now he can change directions, turn corners, reverse. He can even stop and pick up something.

As you can see, his latest trick is to walk behind a ball and kick it along.

The kid dribbles a soccer ball!

Liam at 1 year - walking

Everyone who sees him is shocked by his hair colour.

It’s RED! Even I’m shocked!

There’s ginger hair on my husband’s side of the family. But what happened to the Asian genes??

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Daily Outfit: Leather-Look Leggings

6 April 2010

Daily Outfit: Leather Look LeggingsLeather-look leggings are my latest love!

I’ve been looking for a pair for ages, but couldn’t find one that fit well. They just never seem to stretch around my legs properly.

So I took a gamble and got a pair from FashionJunkee, and they fit great!

I’ve already worn them several times, just like regular leggings.

They certainly add extra cool-points to my outfits.

I wore them with plain pieces, like a simple black dress, or a long, dark batwing top.

Can’t wait to wear a mini white dress with them.

I must admit that I broke my biggest fashion rule: Never wear leggings as PANTS!

Oh well. They looked cool.

I adored this particular outfit. One of my favourite outfits yet!

The jacket is from Cue.
Scarf from Sportsgirl.
The top was a recent purchase from Rick Owens.
Mini skirt by Wish.

Leather look leggings from

And leather peep toe shoes from Betts

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

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Kung-Fu Backgammon

5 April 2010

My husband loves taking the boys, one at a time, to cafes, where they drink tea and hot chocolate, talk, draw, and play cards… and more recently, play backgammon.


They don’t play real backgammon, just a very simplified dash across the board in one direction, which the boys can appreciate. It’s so simple that it really should just be the luck of the dice roll that decides who wins.

But the funny thing is, the boys ALWAYS win. They come home gloating about how they beat their Dad.

At first I though he was letting them win. What a nice guy. But he confessed to me that he wasn’t letting them win… they just always beat him!

In the beginning, he thought it was luck. But it went on and on. And then he thought they were just cheating by moving more places than they had rolled. But they weren’t.

So then he started writing down their throws and his throws, then adding them up, and sure enough, no matter how many times they play, the boys always get bigger numbers for each roll.

But it has gotten worse for him.

The boys, especially Sean, taunt him about how they do it. They say stuff like “I shake the dice three and a half times, and that’s how I get big numbers” or “You have to hold the dice with both hands and then throw them sideways out of one hand”.

They think it is so funny to watch my husband’s frustration and disbelief.

And it has been going on now for so long, my husband says, that it can’t possibly just be luck.

So his current theory is that both boys have inherited some superior CHINESE MARTIAL-ARTS-GAMBLING-DICE-THROWING GENE that allow them to control way the dice roll out of their hand.

Let’s just hope they don’t get into gambling, or we’ll be in big trouble!

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I’m Lichen This

2 April 2010

Repairing the roof of the patio, we tore down some rotten wood, and I noticed this lichen had been growing unseen on the top.


I love the range of soft, pastel greens. I really admire how it has grown year after year, so slowly but determinedly, clinging to the paint, cooked by the sun, then soaked by the rain. At the edges, it looks like delicate lace, but in the middle, it looks like something from science-fiction. It’s quite hard all over.

As I was preparing the picture in Photoshop, I realized the image did not really capture the amazing depth of the lichen. So I dropped out all the colour and increased the contrast, to emphasis the texture.


Wow! I wonder what all the bumps and ridges are for?

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Travel Goodies and Brilliant Gifts

1 April 2010

Ciao Bella Travel - Beauty Case

I have already talked about how I am a very inexperienced and ill-equipped traveller.

I always find myself in such a disorderly jumble every time I go travelling! My organisation style would revolve around putting things in zip lock bags and plastic shopping bags. Well no more!

I thought I’d review a Beauty Travel Case, because they looked so handy, and would be an excellent gift.

Plus I will be going on a trip in a few months, so I wanted to see whether it could really hold all my GIRL STUFF.

Top Flap – Delicate items: My silver mesh jewellery pouch and a few essential makeup brushes.

Top Case – Facial care products: Facial wash, toner, day cream, night cream, pore minimiser, facial suncream, body suncream.

Middle Case – Make up: Foundation primer, liquid makeup, powder makeup, cheek and lip rouge, blush, 2 eye shadow palettes, eye liner (pencil and liquid), mascara, eyelash curler, lipstick, 2 lip glosses.

Bottom Case – Wet Stuff: Shampoo, conditioner, mouse, comb, shower scrub, shower hair clips + hair ties, tooth brush, toothpaste, floss, facial scrub towel… and still room for more!

On the right, I have shown what the beauty case looks like when it is all folded up. Super neat!

Also I have a very stylish passport + documents wallet. Love the stylish black and white design.

Ciao Bella Travel - Love My Sole Fold-Up Ballet FlatsI also tried out these Love My Sole Ballet Flats, as seen in Vogue March 2010.

They are ballet flats that fold up, fit into a little case and are small enough to pop into your handbag.

You wear them when your feet are feeling sore from wearing high heels. You can take them travelling, shopping, clubbing, or just leave them in your car for some emergency foot relief.

I like the example of needing to run through an airport or run to catch a bus – in high heels. How many times have I done that? Too many!

I must admit that I’m quite organised these days. With 3 kids, I have to be.

I’m the kind of person who stores 2 pairs of shoes in my car boot – high heels and walking flats. Because I always seem to be caught out.

I also have a spare set of clothes for my kids, and myself. Not to mention I have extra jumpers, extra hats, sunglasses, suncream, a first aid kit, towels, a picnic rug, and some emergency food (muesli bars).

So… portable shoes are SO my kinda thing!

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.