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Moster Mania

31 March 2010

Mosters Comic

My almost 7 year old has been secretly making a comic series, and the other day, he revealed his work in progress to me.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I was so impressed with the consistency of his cover designs and drawings. It was all inspired by Star Wars, of course.

But he was gutted (very disappointed) when I mentioned that he had spelled MONSTERS wrong.

So he decided that “MOSTERS” was the name of the alien race.

Monters Comic

I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the story, but I just loved his episode titles: Old World, New World, Start of Journey, Treasures, End of Journey, Return of the Moster, Moster War and 9000 Years.

The funniest thing was that, during the week, he would ask me really random, out-of-the-blue questions – and I now realize  that he was doing research.

“Mum, do you think journeys are very exciting?”

“Is 9000 years a long time?”

I’d be like, “EH? Wha? What are you talking about mate??”

It was all just too cute. I had to take a picture and share.

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Daily Outfit: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

30 March 2010

Over The Knee BootsI finally got a pair of Over The Knee Boots!

I did a bit of research and looked everywhere for a pair. I wasn’t too keen to spend $400+ on one, nor did I want to wear yucky, plasticky $80 ones.

So these were a very excellent, middle-ground choice, for price and quality.

And they are the convertible kind, because you can flip them up and wear them VERY SKY THIGH HIGH! Or fold them down bit lower and closer to the knee.

Obviously, the boots are pretty bold, sexy and LOOK AT ME. So they are best worn with basic outfits and simple accessories.

In fact, they look great with skinny jeans, a simple top, and a nice basic jacket. Or a soft dress, leggings and the boots.

You pretty much wear them like you would normal height boots.

Of course, you can just go with the whole BOLD SEXY look, and wear a body con, mini-skirt dress and look uber hot!

There is always a place for looking uber hot…. but I have not found that place just yet, so I thought I’d show them off in a more casual, autumn outfit.

Can’t wait for the really cold weather to set in, so I can strut around with toasty warm legs :)

I recently bought some cute linen shorts by Chloe.
Black tank by Sass and Bide.
Cashmere cardigan by Country Road.
Scarf was a gift.
Boots were from the Betts Online Shoe Store.

And I’ve actually been featured on their new blog! Eeek! Thanks guys for the kind write up!

AND if you’re interested, you can win 1 of 20 pairs of shoes here.

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

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A Stormy Reminder

29 March 2010

One of the things my home town of Perth is famous for is… having really nice weather.

But last week, that all changed for thirty terrifying minutes. Radio and TV shows were interrupted by warnings of an imminent thunderstorm, promising cyclonic winds, torrential rain and hail.

Huh?! The sky was bright and sunny!

But my husband worked around the backyard with the boys anyway, putting away anything heavy that might get picked up in a strong wind.

And then they noticed the huge, dark clouds coming in from the north – just like in a movie. They were boiling, rolling, churning dark grey and black, and moving as fast as an airplane.

Then it hit, and everything that had been promised was delivered.

Lightening scorched the air above our house. Thunder clapped again and again, rattling the windows, and thick tropical rain came into the house – sideways!

We watched the winds bending trees over. Hail hammered on the roof, sounding like buckets of rocks being poured on the metal sheeting. The boys howled with hysterical delight, and then with fear.

And the power went out!

The storm disappeared as fast as it had arrive, and we went cautiously outside to see what had changed in our world.

The roads was flooded, bits of trees were everywhere, power lines were broken, fences collapsed, and in our local park, the path was frequently blocked by fallen trees.


Other people were doing the same – walking around in a bit of daze, assessing the damage in disbelief. Luckily, few people were hurt, and nobody killed, in the whole of Perth.

It took two days for the power to be restored to our area, and I was getting pretty grumpy about the delay. No power for the fridge, no phones, no computer.. and the toughest thing was, no lights.

It was strange to go to bed at 8:30pm. You just can’t do much in total darkness!

But I calmed myself with the thought that this was nothing compared to the forces of nature that hit other parts of the world – earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and floods that devastate whole communities.

We really are very lucky.

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Daily Outfit: Wayne Cooper Leather Jacket

26 March 2010

Wayne Cooper Leather JacketAaah, I am definitely in my element in this outfit.

I just can’t get away from the casual, rock-chick-biker-fierce look!

Ok, it’s not exactly the most edgy or fashion-forward ensemble, but damn, who cares, I feel awesome in this jacket.

AWESOME I tell you!

I must say, I’m quite fond of Wayne Cooper’s designs.

I like the image of the bold, strong, feminine and sexy woman that he designs for.

I’m loving his latest “Revolver” winter collection (see some of the range at Frockaholics).

It’s full of stand-out designs in leather, crumpled fabrics and silks. There are one-shoulder styles, lots of embellished shoulders – all great stuff.

I also thought I’d bring everyone’s attention to… my handbag.

I bought this Fiorelli handbag 16 years ago, when I was 16 years old!

I think it was the most expensive thing I had bought back then.

I had a good old laugh, when I saw that they were back in the shops.

Fashion is crazy I tell you.

Jacket: Wayne Cooper at Frockaholics
Top: Target
Jeans: Nobody Jeans
Shoes: Betts
Handbag: Fiorelli

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

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Baby 3: Liam Turns One

25 March 2010

Liam Turns One Year Old

You know, I first started talking about having a third baby in October 2007. I was considering the issues of two vs three kids. And every week since then, I’ve been writing a little bit about the whole journey in a series, Making Baby 3.

And it’s funny, because I often forget that for the last 3 years, a lot of my readers have been “on” this journey with me. So the fact that this baby is now ONE YEAR OLD… completely shocks some people.

They can’t believe how fast time flies! How kids grow up so quickly! How life can move along at such a swift pace! How they remember when he was first born!

That’s right! Life is short!

It scares some people. And heck, it scares me.

To see my little baby with 8 teeth and a cut on his nose, from where he fell into a rose bush. He’s so big now!

Liam Day 1

I remember the morning after I gave birth to Liam in such exquisite and vivid detail.

I remember pulling back the curtains in my hospital room and letting in a beautiful blue morning light. I opened the window a little bit to let some fresh air into the room too. I scooped up my baby from his cradle, lay him on the bed and changed him into a new outfit with polka dots.

I remember thinking, my goodness, I made a baby! How do I look after a baby again?

I turned him around so I could see his face and eyes, and he blinked slowly in a sleepy daze.

Now look at him!

Liam Turns One Year Old

It’s pretty hard to say what kind of personality Liam has. Overall he is very easy-going and undemanding, with a lot of energy and interest in the world.

I have a feeling that a big part of his personality will be defined by his big brothers. They are just the most amazing things in the world to him, and all he wants to do is follow them around.

Anyway, I love how these photos turned out! I love spontaneous and natural portraits!

I was mucking about with him on the floor, and I put a hat on his head. Then he just scrunched up his face and broke out in a series of cute, little, snorting laughs.

He is one cute and cuddly little guy, and I feel very, very blessed.

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Love in Tokyo by Sheree Dornan

24 March 2010

Love in Tokyo is an Australian fashion label that continually catches my eye. It features beautiful hand-made silk garments, in exotic colours and fabrics – and every time I see their latest collection on the catwalk, I’m filled with a mixture of admiration and a desire to try something on!

The person behind Love in Tokyo is designer Sheree Dornan. Her clothes are very, very wearable, created for any shape and size, and designed to be mixed and matched. It is a LOT of fun to step into the store, because the styling possibilities are endless!

Love in Tokyo Fremantle Perth Fashion Label

The Love in Tokyo range consists of basic silk slips, in different colours and lengths. You can wear them on their own or layer contrasting colours or similar tones.

The Sheree Dornan range features silk dresses, tops, wraps, skirts, boleros and obis which are more patterned and embellished, and of course, designed to be layered with the Love in Tokyo slips.

Above left, I’m wearing a sheer silk dress, with silk floral details, and underneath, I’m wearing a long cream, silk slip. I love the fact that you could wear a shorter slip underneath the dress, in a darker colour and completely change the look of the dress.

Above right, I’m wearing 3 pieces – a short silver, slip, a handmade silk dress with embroidery details, and a silk wrap top. All I can say is: beautiful!!

Love in Tokyo Fremantle Perth Fashion Label

So this is me, playing with a Love in Tokyo silk wrap, to show some different ways I could actually wear it. I chose a nude colour, because it goes with almost anything and you can never have too many nude colour tops!

First I’m wearing it as a normal wrap top, wrapping the sash around my waist like a waist belt.

Then the very friendly sales lady in the store showed me a way to wrap the top into a one-shoulder top.

Love in Tokyo Fremantle Perth Fashion Label

On the left I’m just wearing it as an open shirt, and the sashes are tied up in bows.

On the right, I experimented a bit and did a bit of clever twisting and tying, and turned it into a halter neck top. It would look pretty cool with a tube top and jeans too.

You know, I could probably have twisted it up even more and turned it into a ruffle scarf, or a wrap skirt over a dress. That fabric is soft and silky, and most forgiving. I love multiwear clothes!

So if you’re in Fremantle, I absolutely recommend you pop into the Love in Tokyo store:
61-63 High Street
Fremantle 6160
Western Australia
t: 61 8 9433 2110
(High Street is just off the main cafe strip on Market Street. View Google map here.)

They also in the Perth City, King Street
Shop 2/90 King Street
Perth 6000
Western Australia
P: 08 9226 2110
(On the corner of King and Wellington St. View Google map here.)

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Why I don’t need flowers

23 March 2010

Today is our 8 year wedding annivesary!

And my husband still makes me breakfast in the morning.

Every. Single. Day.

He’s definitely a keeper.

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Moths with Lemon and Pepper

22 March 2010

Insects in the Light-fittings
This is not a plate of deep fried insects. Well. Actually it is.

But let me explain.

My husband was dutifully doing some man-jobs around the house, including changing light bulbs and cleaning the light fittings.

And if you take apart one of our light fittings, the cover actually looks like quite a nice, white salad bowl.

So behold and array of tasty morsels served up for us today.

Insects in the Light-fittings

I wouldn’t say the bugs were FRIED.

It was more of a SLOW BAKE.

Assorted flying insects, browned and roasted to a delightful crisp.

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Chocolate Waffles for Breakfast

19 March 2010

Chocolate Waffles for Breakfast

I made chocolate waffles (with choc chips!) for my family last weekend.

When the last set of waffles were made, I threw them onto the table, and my children descended upon them like hungry sharks.

I retired to my favourite window with a cup of tea and had the most lovely 6 minutes of morning bliss.

To make chocolate waffles, I just added 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to my Basic Waffle Recipe.

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Melbourne Fashion Festival: Alexi Freeman

18 March 2010

Clothes by Alexi Freeman

This weekend, the Melbourne Fashion Festival features one very dazzling, up-and-coming designer, Alexi Freeman. With a background in textiles and print making, the strength of his AW2010 collection made me do a double take and drool over his geometric prints.

I had the pleasure of reviewing some garments in the collection, and I can say for certain that they are beautifully made clothes and lovely to wear.

There is an unusual mixture of silk, merino wool and mesh panels, which create a sophisticated yet sporty, casual yet sexy feel. They are also really comfortable and light weight.

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Alexi Freeman

You can see more of Alexi Freeman’s collection on his website.

Or you can catch up on his recent activities on his blog.

Or if you’re in Melbourne, you can check out his pop-up store until 30 April 2010:
Melbourne’s GPO
Level 1
350 Bourke St
Tel: 0413 355 290

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Living with Style and Spirit: An Everyday Thing

17 March 2010

Some time ago, someone sent me an email about “How to Find Balance in Your Life”.

I’m not sure who the original author was, but I really liked it, and I thought it would be fantastic to share with everyone.

I also found a report on Times Online, about how scientists in the UK did a study and found the “5 Steps to Happiness and Wellbeing” or something like that.

I combined them and added a few ideas to share below.

So this is my list of 5 Things To Do Everyday:

1. Do something enjoyable.

Enjoyable things can be simple acts that are easy to do, don’t cost very much, and don’t take much planning.

Just sitting quietly in my garden and enjoying a cup of tea is very enjoyable for me! I love baking. I like to paint my toenails. Read a chapter of my book. Chat to a girlfriend. I like to plan to visit a new place, and discovering something new and cool. I love tending my garden. I really enjoy journaling and writing.

Of course, a girly pamper is always nice – facials, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, massages.

Take time to really enjoy them. Allow yourself to glow with happiness each day.

2. Do something active.

Spend 30 minutes of your day working up a sweat! Get your heart rate up! Skip. Swim. Run up and down steps. Go for a jog. Ride a bike. Find a step, turn on some music, and do a step workout. Do squats and leg lunges. Go to the beach and have a run. Take a stroll. Do some gardening. Kick a ball in the park with your kids.

Try playing a sport like squash, tennis, soccer, badminton, netball. Sign up to an exercise class, yoga or pilates. Try body jams, or kickboxing just for fun.

3. Do something brainy, challenging or intellectual.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising your brain! Read a book. Read a newspaper. Watch the news. Write a letter. Memorise a song. Do a puzzle. Go to the library and pick up a book in a subject that has always fascinated you. Learn something new each day.

Learn a new skill. Try sewing. Try fixing something. Try making something. Try cooking something. Try organising a lunch for friends on the weekend.

4. Do something good for someone else.

Call up a friend. Offer to help in some way. Bake some cupcakes for a girlfriend and bring it around.

Smile or say hello to a stranger. Let someone with less shopping into the queue in front of you. Do a good deed. A small kind act. Spread some happiness.

You’ll find that if you go about your day thinking, “How can I be nice to someone?” you’ll often find many unexpected opportunities to do so.

5. Take one moment to savour life and your surroundings.

This is my favourite. Whether you are in the car, or walking along, or at home – take a moment to think about something good in your life, or in your surroundings.

Take notice of something beautiful. Look at the details of a building you walk past everyday. Look at the shape of the clouds, remember them, and compare them with the clouds the next day.

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Designer Fashion Online: Frockaholics Boutique

16 March 2010

With the Melbourne Fashion Festival in full swing, I wanted to feature some gorgeous Australian fashion AND share where to BUY them. is an online boutique that offers a fantastic collection of Australian and International designer labels. What I like best about the site… is their particular selection of current clothes – all gorgeous and fabulous picks.

Sarah, owner and director of Frockaholics, has actually been a long time reader of my blog! I was so excited to review the boutique, because I have often visited to check up on the latest picks from designer collections.

Designer Fashion Online: Frockaholics Boutique

So without further ado, here I am feeling sensational in a Manning Cartell Dress. It’s from her latest AW2010 collection and it will be coming down the catwalk in a few days, at the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

When I chose it, I was a little nervous, because it’s got some quite 80s elements – puffy shoulders, long sleeves, very shiny. It wasn’t quite my style, and I was afraid I might look like an astronaut!

But when I wore it, OMG it was so so comfortable, and I felt completely transformed. I felt like a million bucks and haha, it was a very fun feeling. I guess that’s what fashion is all about – transformation and a whole lota fun! It’s definitely a dress that will turn heads.

Earrings and necklace is by Peter Lang, Clutch by Pink Corporation, and shoes by Tilly Rose.

View other clothes by Manning Cartell (I really like this collection!)

Designer Fashion Online: Frockaholics Boutique

This Hussy Dress was very nice too. Basically a simple strapless dress, with boning, and with a drapey piece that you wear on your shoulder, or you can let it fall on your hips.

Earrings by Peter Lang, Jacket by Nicola Finetti, and shoes by Peeptoe.

View other clothes by Hussy.

Designer Fashion Online: Frockaholics Boutique

And lastly, I chose this beautiful black silk cocktail dress by George, with beaded detail straps that continue down the back. I thought it would look perfect with a fur coat, but I didn’t want to cover up the straps in the photo.

Earrings by Peter Lang, Mink Rabbit Fur Coat by Flannel, and shoes by Nude.

In my opinion, the best sections in the site to browse are:

What’s New (they update every week)

Evening Dresses


SALE Evening Dresses (must see this!)

SALE Day Dresses

Another cool service Frockaholics have is… when you sign up to their newsletter, they inform you of new stock that is about to arrive from upcoming designer’s collections. So you can pre-order any of the listed garments and snatch them up before they even hit the stores!

They tell me that it is very, VERY popular. And after a few weeks of being on their email list, I can see why.

Happy shopping!

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Making Baby 3: 11 Month Update

15 March 2010

Liam at 11 months

My baby Liam is just one month away from being ONE YEAR OLD! How exciting!

This month has been particularly fun, because both my big kids are at full-time school… so I get to hang out with my little baby all day.

It’s like having a first child again. Just me and a little kid who doesn’t talk back.

I’ll say things like: What shall we do today buddy? What about sleeping in a pram for 2 hours, while I catch up with some girlfriends in a cafe and then go shopping?

Oh, the glorious free time! Oh, the lovely long quiet mornings!

OK not really. The reality is that Liam sleeps 2 hours in the morning. And I do things like check my email and creep around the house trying to do the housework as quietly as possible.

Sometimes I might sit in the garden with a cup of tea and read a book. That part is pretty bliss.

Liam Eating Watermelon, 11months

This month, Liam has been a little sick. With teeth coming through and a chesty cough, he has been clinging onto my legs for most of his waking hours. For 3 days straight he cried to be picked up, cried to be fed, cried to be entertained. He was super-glued to my hip.

I get the impression that Liam is quite bored in the house – because, he stops whinging the moment I take him out.

It made me suddenly remember what I used to do when I was a first time mum – I went out every day!

I was busy with mother’s groups and play dates. I went to play gyms, music lessons, baby swim classes. I went out to the shops, the library, galleries, baby movie sessions. My schedule was fully booked!

And now? My schedule is also fully booked, but with work and chores!

I recalled that list someone wrote about how things change after each baby:

1st baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics, Baby Swing, and Baby Story Hour.

2nd baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics.

3rd baby: You take your infant to the supermarket and the dry cleaner.

(I wrote it all out here…)

Argh. It’s so tragic, but it’s so true. I hang my head in shame.

Anyway, this week I’m lifting my game and scheduling a lot more fun baby stuff for us.

On the development front… Liam can take 4 steps.

He does lots of clapping, waving bye, shaking his head, trying to repeat words we say, and trying very hard to walk.

Ah, won’t be long before he’s riding a bike!

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Soccer With Movie Stars

12 March 2010

Last weekend, I decided to spend a bit more time with my two big boys – by taking them to their weekly soccer lesson.

My big boy is in a 6-7 year old class, where they practice lots of skills and play a proper soccer match. My other boy is in a 4-5yo class, where the parent is involved in the games and activities. And yes, I love playing soccer!

Now, usually, weekend sporting activities are a realm exclusively reserved for fathers.

I guess the thinking is that – during the week, most mothers spend all day with the kids, so when the weekend arrives, sport is a great way for the dads to get involved and do something fun with the kids.

So there I was. Standing around a cluster of kids, with 14 Dads.

Dads with their cargo shorts, big t-shirts, caps, sunnies and their arms folded across their chests, standing alone, looking like fish out of water.

The soccer coach would shout, “WHO’S READY TO HAVE A GOOD TIIIIIME?!?!”


And all the dads would shift around uncomfortably, look all reserved and shy, look to the ground, look at their watch, rearrange their caps.

They were an interesting bunch to watch.

You see, if they were women, they would have gravitated to the person next to them, start nattering, and soon they would find out the number of children in the other mum’s families, their names, ages, where they went to school. They would quickly have swapped the names of their hairdressers, share their plans for the weekend and found out how much they spent for groceries that week.

But for these men… each of them had approximately a 2 metre diameter of space between him and the next dad – as if to say, this is MY SPACE. DO NOT COME INTO MY TERRITORY.

They were all pretty young looking dads. Mostly in their 20s and 30s.

And truth be told, they were all quite decent looking. I guessed this must be THE place for single mums to pick up single dads.

In fact there were a couple of guys who were EXTREMELY good looking.

One, I swear, looked like Jude Law. His nose! His eyes! It was so Jude Law!

OK, I have never met Jude Law in real life, but I believe if I had, he would look just like this dad standing next to me (if Jude Law were to wear a floppy t-shirt and huge cargo pants).

And then there was another guy who looked like Sam Worthington (from Avatar), and another like John Stamos (ER).

I was trying to play soccer with my son, but I kept catching glimpses of movie stars from the corner of my eye and argh it was very distracting!

Then I suddenly thought, OMG Karen what are you doing? Are you CHECKING OUT guys at your kids’ soccer practice? Just keep your eyes down and say something encouraging at your kid!


A little later, halfway through a mini-soccer match, I side-stepped into another dad’s path and he almost knocked me over. We exchanged “sorrys” and I found myself doing this huge – and very uncool – double-take, because he looked EXACTLY like a young Matthew Broderick.

I was so embarrassed that I babbled on about something… looking everywhere except his face again, in case I were to say something about Matthew Broderick… and then I noticed I was wearing TWO DIFFERENT SNEAKERS. BOTH WHITE. BOTH WITH LACES. JUST TWO DIFFERENT ONES ON EACH FOOT. ARGH!

OK I know that these guys are not actual movie stars, and I know I’m not actually out here to impress anyone OR to make a fashion statement, and I AM supposed to just be spending time with my son, but really, my life as a cool soccer mum is well and truly over.

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L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010

11 March 2010

With the Melbourne Fashion Festival just around the corner, the Australian fashion scene is buzzing with energy… I must admit that I’m pretty excited!

I won’t be actually attending any events at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Festival, but ah, thank heavens for the internet and all it’s high-speed goodness. Front-row, prime-position, fashion photos delivered straight to the comfort of my own home. Gotta love that.

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Aurelio Costarella

Here’s a sneak peak at Aurelio Costarella’s absolutely divine Autumn Winter 2010 Collection. Can’t wait to see them glide down the catwalk.

I’m looking forward to see some of my favourite designers on the Melbourne Fashion Festival Runway.

In particular – ANT!PODiUM, Joveeba, Camilla and Marc, Sass and Bide, Manning Cartell, Mimco, Yeojin Bae, Michael Angel, Life with Bird and Hussy.

A few other designers have piqued my interest, like Timothy Godbold, Fleur Wood, Romance Was Born, Carly Hunter, Dion Lee, and I’ll be watching them closely.

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Nicola Finetti

From a peek at his lookbooks, Nicola Finetti’s AW10 Collection is pretty standout too. All filled with stuff I want to wear right now! Very tempting.

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Alexi Freeman

Also part of the Melbourne Fashion Festival program is the Independent Runway which showcases up-and-coming Australian designers.

Alexi Freeman’s AW10 Collection (pictured above) really caught my eye, and as I type this, I have had the good fortune to have arranged a review of some pieces in this collection. Exciting! Stay tuned!

Magdalena Velevska is another new designer who has caught my attention! I tried on some of her clothes from her last collection recently – a Magdalena Velevska silk dress and jacket. Hope to see more great designs from her.

Of Cabbages and Kings is an interesting, edgy new label with some amazing images of their latest collection who are also having their big debut at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Festival. I’ll be doing a review of their stuff soon too!

Just 5 more days! Can’t wait!

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Salad, Salad, Oh How I Love Thee

10 March 2010

Summer Salad

Ok here’s something I don’t tell many people.

I am an utter salad lover.

Like, really. I’m a total salad nut.

I have a secret love affair with spinach and avocado.

Add some tomatoes, a handful of seeds, a squeeze of lemon juice, pepper, and I’m in heaven.

People look at me eating salad and sneer “eat some real food”… but I don’t care.

Nothing gets me more excited than… sprouts.

With feta. And sundried tomatoes, chorizo, snow peas, bocconcini, mango, red onions, coriander and parmesan. Not all at once, but you get my drift.

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Online Women’s Fashion Boutique: Freez

9 March 2010

Online Women's Fashion Boutique: FreezI really enjoy featuring a broad range of clothes from online fashion shops – from high end designer clothes, to real women’s street fashion… and even the small, unique quality finds that are hard to come by.

Today I’m sharing an online women’s fashion shop called, Freez, which specialises in very popular, affordable brands like Ladakh, Mink Pink and Anise.

They have a large range of good looking stock, lots of sizes, they ship internationally, and the prices will make you happy!

Here I’m wearing a little black lace dress by Anise. The quality is lovely, and the cut is simple and sophisticated.

I’m not usually a fan of lace, but I might make an exception here.

You see, whenever I wear lace… I feel a little beyond my years… but the mini skirt length of this dress definitely added some “youthful interest”- heh. I felt so tall too!

I’m wearing a size 6, and it fit perfectly.

Online Women's Fashion Boutique: Freez

The ruffle blue dress is by Ladakh, it’s fully lined, the straps are adjustable, the belt is removable, and the waist is elastic, so the dress just slips on. It’s very comfortable. I love the colour. And the ruffles!

The drape jacket by Forecast is quite cool. It is a mix between a cape and jacket, with a very wide collar. I think it goes well with the dress!

On the right I’m wearing a Freez Kaftan Dress, which is officially my favourite piece of summer clothing.

It’s perfect for throwing over the top of your swimmers and walking around like a gorgeous holiday babe at the beach or the pool side. Ok maybe not, but at least you feel good that you’ve covered up a bit from the sun. A holiday must have!

Do check out the New Arrivals and Dresses sections first.

And don’t forget to look at the $39 and Under Sale section!

Have fun and happy shopping!

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Guide.

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Baby Vs Spoon

8 March 2010


Liam has a new trick called, SWATTING THE SPOON!

My how clever babies are!

He even had the ability to turn it into a game, so that we can have FUN THREE TIMES A DAY.

Spoonfuls of food! Thrown across the room like happy confetti!

Oh how I enjoy seeing porridge splatter on the walls!

The way it slowly slides down like a lumpy, single-celled organism!

And just look at the colourful array of vegetables rolling across the tiles!

And the mash potato on the ceiling!

Not to mention the sticky rice on the curtains!

Maybe he’ll be a tennis star one day! Or a ping pong champion!

His back hand is just remarkable!

I love my baby!

He brings such joy into my life!

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Don’t Breathe Suddenly

5 March 2010


You know… a typical praying mantis already looks like a pretty creepy insect.

But to find a teeny-tiny, baby praying mantis, crawling on your shoulder towards your neck, centimetres from your nostrils… is possibly just a little too alarming for a midweek afternoon.

It is kinda cute though.

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Daily Outfit: Harem Pants and Asian Fashion

4 March 2010

Pants from YesStyleA few weeks ago I reviewed YesStyle, a huge online shop specialising in Asian fashion from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

I chose these cotton, drapey harem pants, and they are so, so cool.

I just love wearing them!

The other day, I wore them to a fashion related meeting, with a simple wrap top, and a twisted wool scarf.

I also twisted up my hair in a messy bun, and wrapped a silver chain necklace around my wrist, just to add to the whole twisted-drapey thing I had going.

I had dozens of compliments and everyone couldn’t believe the pants cost less than $40.


Fast forward to a few days ago, I was searching for other ideas on how to style harem pants.

In Asian countries, the style is called Saruel, and they are really popular for guys too.

I popped back to the YesStyle site, had a look lots of fashion photos, and ended up staying for an hour, browsing at all the Asian-style styling ideas!

It was very interesting to see all those Taiwanese and Korean girls wearing edgy or tricky fashion styles and STILL look so CUTE!

The last time I reviewed some of their clothes, I made a list of brands to browse by.

Here are a few categories to browse by:

2010 New Arrivals

Cocktail and Party Dresses

Jackets and Blazers

Blouses (for work)



Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

day of week

Pear, Walnut and Maple Muffins

3 March 2010

Many months ago, I went to a café and I ate a pear, walnut and maple muffin – which turned out to be the most amazing muffin I had ever tasted. It was so good that I felt, in that moment, that if I died right then, my life would still have been complete.


So of course, I went home and googled for a similar muffin recipe.

I managed to find and test 2 recipes – but they just weren’t great. I have since tried 4 more times, changing the recipes slightly, in order to perfect the PERFECT Pear, Walnut and Maple Muffin.

The different thing about this recipe below is, it uses maple syrup instead of sugar. I did try different variations, half maple, half brown sugar. I even tried with an extra egg, less flour, less milk, more butter.

I think I’ve got it right! Hope you enjoy it!

Pear, Walnut and Maple Muffins

1 ½ cups self raising flour

½ teaspoon of baking power

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

60g butter, melted

½ cup of pure maple syrup

1 egg, beaten

½ cup milk

2 small pears, cored and diced

½ cup walnuts, chopped


1. Line a muffin pan with 10 paper cases.

2. Sift flour, baking powder and cinnamon into a mixing bowl. Add maple syrup, butter, egg and milk, and stir until just combined.

3. Mix pear and walnuts into the mixture.

4. Spoon into prepared pans and bake in a moderate oven 180C for 25 minutes or until cooked when tested.

(Pure maple syrup is a bit expensive, but it really does taste amazing!)

day of week

80s Fashion Party Inspirations

2 March 2010

I’ve been invited to a birthday party themed: 80s Fashion and Music!

I’m really looking forward to it! I have a great bunch of friends who love to GO ALL OUT and commit to a theme – which always make parties so much fun.

So I’m looking for some 80s fashion inspiration and planning my outfit.

First there are the female music icons of the 80s – Maddona, Cindy Lauper, and Deborah Harry.


Leather jackets, big messy hair, big fringe, lace gloves, waist coats, lots of bangles and necklaces, one earring, high top boots, one shoulder, blue eye shadow.

Then we have the female work-out icons of the 80s – Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton John and Flashdance.

Neon colours, leg warmers, coloured leggings, one shoulder jersey sweaters, body suits, sweatbands!

And I haven’t even started on the boofy Princess Diana hair-dos and towering shoulder pads.

Tee hee. It seems a little hard to believe that all this stuff was the cutting edge of pop-culture fashion back then. But I’m game! And I’ll definitely post up photos of my outfit.

And haha for my husband, I have a feeling that HIS 80s costume may still be lurking in the back of his wardrobe. Now that’s a scary thought.

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Movies in the Backyard

1 March 2010

I had one of the nicest and most relaxing weekends – in a very long time! I managed to snap a photo, but I don’t think it truly captured the magical, summer happiness in the air.


We were invited by some friends to share dinner and have movie night in their backyard. They set up a screen and projector, and we all lay on the lawn under the trees, on bean bags and blankets and an old couch to watch a family movie. It was a fantastic, kid-friendly Saturday night out.

As I was watching my boys snuggle down with the other kids, I was full of nostalgia for my own childhood days back on Christmas Island, where there was an outdoor cinema. If the movie was boring, we just ran up and down the aisles and played games at the back.

I just love warm, summer nights. With friends. And food.

And someone to snuggle up to on an old couch.