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Daily Fashion Outfit: Black and White Style

4 February 2010

Daily outfit - black and whiteI’ve been loving the whole rock-chick fashion trend, with fierce shoes, black leather, metal studs, and all the aggressive styles that have surfaced in the past year or so.


But now with a change in the season, I feel like taking a complete jump into WHITE.

(Ok I admit, it’s not the most innovative thing I’ve done this week.)

Anyway, I have realised that I don’t have many white items in my wardrobe!

And so now I’m suddenly tempted to make a few WHITE purchases, in particular, some white jeans and a white jacket of some kind.

Is that a bad idea? Because I have KIDS! Should I be wearing WHITE while I have toddler?

Think of all the tomato sauce finger prints! And muddy face smears! Orange juice squirts! And dripping ice cream!

And lets not even mention my own inability to eat curry laksa without noodle splashes.

Well, this is me, in the whitest top I own. I went to a lunch with a girlfriend and I didn’t spill a thing on it!

Top: Country Road
Drape vest: Myer
Jeans: Nobody
Shoes: Betts

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