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The Hardest Job in the World

1 February 2010

My sons came running in from playing outside because they found DIRT IN THE SKY!


I went out with them and looked up. I saw some very odd looking smoke or clouds.

Skywriting Perth

It took me a moment to realise that there was a tiny little plane buzzing around, the sun ocassionaly flashing off its windows. Sky-writing! I’d never actually seen it before.

I’m sure the poor sky-writer/pilot was trying to spell “PERTH” (the name of my home city), but even in the stillness of a super-hot summer day, the slightest of breezes was bending the letters as we watched, and erasing the word even before it was finished being written!

So now, running a house with three boys doesn’t seem so hard (and I am impressed with Callum’s ability to read bad writing).