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A Finger Up Your Nose and A Fresh Perspective

20 January 2010

Karen, Sean, Angela

Many weeks ago I met up with fellow blogger Angela, who was in town for a few days. She used to live in Perth, but now she lives in Singapore.

It was great to sit in the sun by the river and catch up! It was particularly nice, during our chat, to notice Perth and its lifestyle with fresh eyes again.

Yes, our skies are BIG and blue and our weather is almost always delightful.

Yes, people do go windsurfing and boating and have barbeques during the week.

Over here, it’s all about quality of life, and enjoying each day in a very easy and laid-back manner.

Everyone says there’s nothing to do here, but that’s rubbish – I hardly have enough time to go to all events that I WANT to go to – music events, fashion happenings, designer markets, live bands, comedy nights, plays, weekend festivals, art exhibitions, shop openings, food and wine shows.

And I haven’t even mentioned the family-friendly events!

Angela mentioned she was taking a friend horse-riding and visiting wildlife parks. Horse riding! Wildlife parks! What a great idea! It’s funny how visitors bring a fresh perspective on things.

*Make mental note: Must take kids to tourist attractions during the holidays!

Karen, Sean, Angela

When I catch up with friends, usually, there are other kids present. So when there are NO other kids around, I am always a little worried that my kids would get bored.

But my 4.5 year old Sean was a darling and he was very well behaved! And my 9 month old, Liam ate sand and slept in the pram.

When the cameras came out, Sean livened up considerably.

We asked him what we should do for the “Silly Photo”, but as you can see, he was the only one sporting enough to go all the way.