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Inspiration – My Dirty House

15 January 2010

When I notice beautiful textures and subtle colours as I go about my daily life, it shakes me out of a rut, and I find myself somewhat inspired.

Check it out!

Aerial Photograph of forest and clouds

But what is it? An extreme close up of the texture of an exquisite cashmere wool?


An aerial photograph of clouds over a tropical mangrove forest?

Also, no.

I am ashamed to admit that I found this inside a tea cup in my own house.

Green Tea Cup

Truly disgusting, and yet also beautiful and bizarre.

I know it’s mould. But why is it so amazing in colour and texture? Why are some parts green, others white, and others yellow?

And how did it get here? Was the mould spore in the green tea leaves to start with, or was it just floating by in the air, and happened to land in my tea? And isn’t this how penicillin was accidentally discovered? Am I on the verge of a BIG medical breakthrough here?

If only I had the time to find out the answers to these questions…

To make your own green tea mould…

1. Make a cup of much needed green tea to calm your frazzled nerves while working at the computer.

2. Have the computer monitor suffer some kind of failure, and then unthinkingly push the half-drunk tea cup BEHIND the monitor while you fix the problem (by vigorously yanking on the monitor cable until the picture comes back – it works every time!)

3. Then be distracted by something else, and forget all about the cup of tea.

4. Re-discover the tea cup approximately two weeks later, when the damn computer monitor plays up again.

5. Enjoy!

(I was tempted to put the cup back again, to see if it grew into something even more interesting…but I’m not that brave!)