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2010 Fashion Trend: Wearing Digital Prints

14 January 2010

2010 Fashion Trend: Digital Prints - Josh Goot and Alexander McQueen

Fashion trend watching is a very interesting sport to engage in – not only on a sheer aesthetic level, but also on a cultural level.

I find it fascinating to see how designers play with styles on a catwalk… and over a period of time, they seep into popular culture, and somewhat define the aesthetics of a decade.

Ok perhaps it’s a bit high-and-mighty. After all fashion is just one aspect of The Arts – architecture, art, photography, dance, etc.

Anyway. I was deeply intrigued by a new fashion trend apparently set for 2010 – digital prints.

A few designers experimented with digital prints in recent collections, think Alexander Mcqueen (2 dresses on the right) and Josh Goot (2 dresses on the left).

2010 Fashion Trend: Wearing Digital Prints

The trend caught my eye because I love watercolour and painterly looks, blended gradients and organic looking prints. Especially on silks and printed on white cotton.

But the designers have definitely pushed this idea further… having designs inspired by geographical patterns and just crazy-bold colours!

Anyway, about 10 years ago I bought this strapless tube top with a digital print of a water pond, reeds and a lily.

Of course the image was zoomed right in, so you can only see blurry parts of the water and the reeds. And only a few petals from the lily.

It has a slight oriental look to it as well (probably from the lily) which I liked as well. And I’ve only kept it because I love the print and colours.

I dug it out and paired it with a few straight forward items:
Black blazer (from Cue)
Tulle skirt (from
Fierce shoes (from Betts).

I also had a necklace which I forgot to put on before the photograph.

Anyway, I enjoyed wearing this outfit! I took off the blazer during the evening and the colours definitely made me all happy and chirpy. I really should wear more colours!


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