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Vintage Skirt from Op Shop Meets My Scissors?

7 January 2010

Op shopping fashion - vintage skirt and fashion restyleThe other day I hit the ops shops!

I was in the mood for a bit of fashion re-styling and garment reconstruction.

I found my perfect victim – a pretty, floral print skirt, which is all the rage these days (ok maybe last season).

It was only $3 and in my size, so I was very happy to grab it.

As you can see it’s in great condition, it’s very wearable, with a very versatile and pretty colour palette.

I’m wearing it with a blouse from Cue, pearl earrings and necklace, silk sash belt and satin shoes.

It’s a really cute vintage style outfit, but it’s just not my style. I just feel like I’m 50 going on 60! I immediately felt like I was about to pop on an apron and make roast lamb.

Anyway, my initial idea was to use a pair of scissors and hack off a good couple of inches off the bottom and turn it into a mini swing skirt.

Then team it up with cut up black leggings and a loose fitting kite tank or a long batwing top.

But when I got home, I just couldn’t do it. The skirt look near new, and it was in such nice condition, I didn’t want to cut it up!

Vintage skirt worn as a mini skirt and strapless dress

I decided to play with it instead.

On the left I pulled up the skirt, pinned it back and turned it into a mini skirt. But it was completely unwearable, because there was a huge gather of fabric pinned together on my arse.

And my sewing skills are not advanced enough to make it look great.

On the right, I just pulled it up, wrapped the same sash as a belt and wore it like strapless dress. It was definitely something I could wear to a wedding or an evening event. But again, I dunno, it’s a bit too girly-pretty for me.

I might hack it up after all.