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Happy Anniversary Darling

28 December 2009

With this year ending, apart from celebrating ten years as a blogger, I am also celebrating two much more important anniversaries.

One is that – it is also ten years since my husband and I met!

After a few whirlwind months of dating, I knew I had found my other half. My soul mate. The Ying to my Yang. That precious someone to sit on the other end of the seesaw of my life and bring it balance, laughter and purpose. I cannot describe how blessed and fulfilled I am to have had his company this past decade.


And also right about now, we are celebrating five years since he has been ALL CLEAR from cancer.

I can scarcely express how I feel when I think of how it might have all turned out… if things hadn’t gone our way. Callum and Sean would have no Dad, and little Liam wouldn’t exist at all.

So many people do not get the lucky break we have had when illness came to visit our family.

So here we still are, dealing with all the worries of lack of sleep, raising three kids, how will they turn out, a mortgage, how to see more of each other, our parents growing old, the washing not being done, the lawn needing to be cut, etc. The list goes on and on.

And we know how blessed and privileged we are to be able to have these problems together.

Every year, and every day, is precious.