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The Christmas Hamper

23 December 2009


So, my Dad’s work gave him a huge hamper of special foods for Christmas, but he is overseas for the whole of the festive period, and so I “inherited” the hamper.

But we just don’t need more food and drink! The fridge is already overflowing with Christmas junk food, kids lollies and candies. Argh!!

The hamper was full of high-quality sweet biscuits, chocolates, cakes and puddings, shortbread, pickles, teas and wine.

So what to do with all this unexpected, and unwanted, Christmas cheer? We carefully divided it up, and gave a little something to all our neighbours.

It was lovely to share the love, but the next day we found half a dozen Christmas puddings on our doorstep – given to us in return for the kind gesture. Ah well.