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Daily Outfit – Wearing Harem Pants

18 December 2009

Karen Cheng wears harem pants by designer label Zanthas and jewellery by Perth fashion label JoveebaWhat do I wear to a Style Circle Fashion Industry Christmas Event, celebrating the growing community of the Perth fashion industry?

Something by Perth fashion designers!

Here I’m wearing a vintage necklace by Perth fashion label Joveeba and harem pants by Perth designer label Zanthus.

The rest is not so local – tube top is from somewhere I can’t remember, shoes by Pierre Fontaine, and bracelet is by Diva.

I was in the mood for something casual. What I love most about the Perth lifestyle, is that it is really casual, laid back and understated, and I think that’s become my style of late.

I actually wanted to wear a jump suit. I’ve been searching all over the place for one, but I can’t find one that fits me! I’m too damn short and all the jumpsuits I’ve tried on make me look like I’ve been attacked by a parachute.

So I wore a pair of harem pants that I bought at a designer clothes sale the other week.

Harem pants are a tricky style to wear. You either have the body shape (and the inclination) to wear them, or you should just stay far, far away.

They make your thighs and butt look HUGE. So you have to pair them with a top which is preferably cropped and/or eye-catching enough to balance the outfit.

These pants are made from a soft jersey material, they are so fun to wear and I’m so in love with them. In fact, they are so comfy that I seriously feel like I was walking around in my tracksuit pants. How’s that for ultimate cool – turning up to a fashion industry event in your trackies?

At the event, I was pulled aside by a fashion editor and was photographed for the Christmas social pages – which was quite funny because… not everyone thought I looked cool.

You see, my children know that I’m interested in fashion. And my oldest son tries very hard to give constructive criticism and insightful comments on my outfits. But when he saw the harem pants, he sighed and said, “Sorry mum, you look awful. You’re wearing clown pants.”