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My New Hair Dryer Space Gun

2 December 2009


My old hair dryer (on the left above) has died a slow, painful death. It would splutter to a stop, then start up again a few minutes later. This made drying my hair in a hurry while I was late just that bit more exciting. I just kept with it, but the dryer finally died for good. Not bad for 8 years usage.

So off I went to buy a new one (on the right, above). Where do you buy hair dryers? It’s been years since I’ve bought one. There were hair dryers for $50 and hair dryers for $300. I went mid-range and bought a $80 one on sale.

When I bought my last hair dryer… they were just HOT AIR-BLOWING THINGS.

Now they have ultra silent technology, in-built ceramic ioniser, 3 speed switches, 3 different heat settings, cold air blasters, and active ionic hydrating technology. WTF? It’s just a stupid hairdryer!

When I got it home, my sons fell in love with it. Why?

Because “It looks like a space gun!”

And they are right, it does. It’s big, long, has multiple settings, and is sexy-as with chrome. And now I can’t get it out of my head. Every time I dry my hair, I feel like I’m zapping aliens from my ears. I even have to stop myself from making the noises of a space gun like the boys do.

I so need to spend more time with my girlfriends!