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Purple Nails

31 December 2009


I told you I was inspired!

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Middle Child Syndrome – The Big NO!

30 December 2009

Since we had baby Liam nine months ago, we have been observing some pretty major change in the behaviour of our other children…especially Sean, our second boy, who is 4.5 years old.

He has become aggressive, ridiculously and recklessly noisy, unthinking, deliberately provocative, and shouts “No!” to everything – except offers of chocolate.

He was grumpy as an old man, until he found out why his bike wouldn’t go anymore. Then he thought it was hilarious!

His first ever word was “NO!”… so it is not really a surprise that when he discovered that he was no longer the baby in our family his reaction was… anger. At first, he thought he was getting promoted when he discovered that he was going to be a big brother: and that is certainly how we sold it to him before Liam was born.

But Sean has discovered the truth. Every boy in the family (including my husband), has actually been DE-moted one place so I can pour my attention on Liam.

But my husband is a big boy, and he wanted a third child as much as I did.

Callum who is 6.5 years old, is bitter. But he has had the experience before, of course, when Sean came along.

But for Sean, it is all new. At least Callum still has the unmovable status of first-born child and biggest brother, whatever happens. And Liam will now always be the baby in the family. But Sean has gone from being the protected baby to… well… nobody in particular. He is just – in the middle.

A few seconds after these pictures, he waved his hand and knocked the cup on the floor, and it broke!!

When Sean is alone with Mum or Dad, or at school, he is a co-operative joy to be with. Playful, witty, funny, sharing, considerate clown. But when he is around Callum, he fights, bites, spits, taunts and teases until Callum explodes in tears, and Sean ends up in his room, which he trashes. He is pretty good at slamming the door!

So, this is what the parenting books are talking about when they say “Middle Child Syndrome”.

I worry and worry what he will turn out like as an adult.

And then I realise that…both my husband and I are “middle children”.

Ahh! So that’s why hubby is so stubborn!

And maybe that is why he always says I am also so stubborn?

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Daily Outfit – Multi-wear Scarf and Kookai Racerback Dress Combination

29 December 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I went to designer label Morrison’s Fashion Store Opening in Fremantle.

I would’ve loved to have worn something from the Morrison label to the event… but unfortunately I don’t yet own any of their clothes.

Having said that, I swear I would wear Morrison clothes for the rest of my life if I could afford it. Their clothes are simply beautiful. Easy fitting for winter or summer wear, easy to layer, high quality fabrics in all natural, rich tones. Absolutely everything in their range goes with everything else in their range.

So I don’t know if I unconsciously dressed myself as “inspired by Morrison”, because I threw together this outfit in a few seconds as the babysitter arrived and I RAN OUT THE DOOR.

And as I entered the party, I felt like I completely blended in with the Morrison colour scheme and the whole drapey look.

image of karen cheng wearing Kookai racerback dress to designer label Morrison women's fashion store opening

My scarf is actually a long, drapey, wool vest from Myer, which I wrapped loosely around my neck. Later in the evening, it got a bit cold, so I wore it as a shawl around my shoulders. I love multi-wear clothes!

My dress is a sporty-looking, racerback dress with rouched sides, from Kookai.

Leggings from Target, shoes from Betts, black stud earrings from Sportsgirl, and makeup by Napoleon Perdis.

I always forget to take photos of my outfit WITH my handbag!


Check out my favourite online fashion shopping in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

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Happy Anniversary Darling

28 December 2009

With this year ending, apart from celebrating ten years as a blogger, I am also celebrating two much more important anniversaries.

One is that – it is also ten years since my husband and I met!

After a few whirlwind months of dating, I knew I had found my other half. My soul mate. The Ying to my Yang. That precious someone to sit on the other end of the seesaw of my life and bring it balance, laughter and purpose. I cannot describe how blessed and fulfilled I am to have had his company this past decade.


And also right about now, we are celebrating five years since he has been ALL CLEAR from cancer.

I can scarcely express how I feel when I think of how it might have all turned out… if things hadn’t gone our way. Callum and Sean would have no Dad, and little Liam wouldn’t exist at all.

So many people do not get the lucky break we have had when illness came to visit our family.

So here we still are, dealing with all the worries of lack of sleep, raising three kids, how will they turn out, a mortgage, how to see more of each other, our parents growing old, the washing not being done, the lawn needing to be cut, etc. The list goes on and on.

And we know how blessed and privileged we are to be able to have these problems together.

Every year, and every day, is precious.

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Orange Christmas Tree: Merry Christmas to the Bees!

25 December 2009

Now THIS is orange!


This spectacular show of blossom happens only in December, produced by a species completely unique to the south-western part of West Australian. It’s official name is “Nuytsia Floribunda”.

That is obviously a pretty boring name, so everyone just calls it the West Australian Christmas Tree.

They grow everywhere in Perth where there is even a little bit of native bush left, and since Perth has lots of open spaces, it is not hard to find them, even in the middle of the suburbs. This one was right next to a busy road near my house.

With spring blossom still everywhere, the bees have plenty of other opportunities, but they were literally swarming all over this tree, taking advantage of the masses of tiny, orange blossoms.

So Merry Christmas to the little bees!

(And to everyone else too! Hope you have a wonderful day.)

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Diamond Jewellery: Rosendorff’s Jewelry Collection Launch

24 December 2009

Last week I was invited to the Rosendorff’s Christmas Celebration and launch of their new jewelry collection.

As I approached the Rosendorff’s flagship store in the city, I was greeted by a ballerina covered in jewelry.

rosendorff-diamond jewellery-01

Inside, the shop was dripping with jewels, diamonds and men in expensive suits! Ladies were trying on various jewelry and ooohing over the big price tags.

The evening started with an introduction by Angela Tsun, who is a Perth TV celebrity with a classically hot, beachy-blonde, Australian-babe kind of look. She was wearing a stunning necklace by Rosendorff, an elegant silk cocktail dress by Aelkemi, subtle make-up, sophisticated peep-toe shoes and…HOT PINK TOE NAILS. Which I thought was a very cool touch.

In fact, I wanted to take photos of her toe nails, but I thought that was a bit creepy. HI CAN I TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR TOES?

Then there was a catwalk parade showing off the new collection of jewels and MAN THOSE ROCKS WERE HUGE. There were all kinds of gorgeous coloured diamonds and settings in CRAZY WEIGHTS LIKE 35 CARATS or something – I didn’t quite hear the exact details, because my eyes were bugging out of my head as they sparkled past me!

Then the models walked around through the audience, so everyone could get a close look at the jewelry. Each model was carrying a little prompt card with the details of each piece they were wearing. They were saying things like, “Yes. This necklace is $47,000 dollars!”

For myself, I couldn’t take a proper photo of the jewelry, because I kept having to lower my camera so I could see them with my actual eyes and go OMG IS THAT FOR REAL??

And a little later, as I was talking to a bunch of people, I just kept stopping mid-sentence and looking past their heads to various cabinets of jewelry dotted around the room, and going WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT DIAMOND???

I’m a girl! And I like sparkly things!

And in moments like these, I wish I was rich enough to buy them all. Ok. Maybe just one.

rosendorff-diamond jewellery-02

A model wears a necklace worth more than the sale price of all my children….so my children are safe…for now.


Check out my favourite online fashion shopping in my Fashion Shopping Directory.

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The Christmas Hamper

23 December 2009


So, my Dad’s work gave him a huge hamper of special foods for Christmas, but he is overseas for the whole of the festive period, and so I “inherited” the hamper.

But we just don’t need more food and drink! The fridge is already overflowing with Christmas junk food, kids lollies and candies. Argh!!

The hamper was full of high-quality sweet biscuits, chocolates, cakes and puddings, shortbread, pickles, teas and wine.

So what to do with all this unexpected, and unwanted, Christmas cheer? We carefully divided it up, and gave a little something to all our neighbours.

It was lovely to share the love, but the next day we found half a dozen Christmas puddings on our doorstep – given to us in return for the kind gesture. Ah well.

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Boys will be Boys: The Funny Bike

21 December 2009

My husband has been teaching the boys how to fix up old bikes, as good father-son time. Changing tyres, swapping the seat from one bike to another, new brake pads. But the boys quickly got bored of mere maintenance.

Bike Making with Dad

So my husband decided to try and re-engage them with the promise of building a “funny bike”. My 6 yo, Callum decided he wanted a bike with a HUGE front wheel, and a tiny little back wheel. NO PROBLEM, said my husband, with no real idea of how this could be done.

They started dragging home old bikes of every imaginable size and variety from rubbish piles, as a supply of parts. Callum loved  hunting and collecting for parts with his Dad! The collection grew over several weeks to twenty or so bikes, which were piled together in a jumble of snagged spokes and pedals next to the washing line. Pretty soon, the spiders moved in. Great.

Work began on the funny bike, and when it became obvious that it wouldn’t actually work  (because the front wheel interfered with the pedals and it would tip over backwards) it was renamed a “prototype”.

The boys were unimpressed, but hubby was undefeated. More bike gathering. A new project was started. And after several weekends of bolting, grinding, and some very bad language…..TADA!

The funny bike lives!

Funny Bike

There are parts from at least five different bikes in there. Callum rode it proudly in the park one day. People gawked, other kids went COOL!, and Callum was very, very happy. Hubby was even happier. I could feel his do-it-yourself pride glowing quietly.

But Callum hasn’t ridden the funny bike since – it is too heavy for him to ride as an everyday bike.  So the funny bike stands idly against the fence, with an uncertain future.

My husband is not concerned though. He says –  “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

And I realise he is right. They did it together, and that’s what counts.

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Daily Outfit – Wearing Harem Pants

18 December 2009

Karen Cheng wears harem pants by designer label Zanthas and jewellery by Perth fashion label JoveebaWhat do I wear to a Style Circle Fashion Industry Christmas Event, celebrating the growing community of the Perth fashion industry?

Something by Perth fashion designers!

Here I’m wearing a vintage necklace by Perth fashion label Joveeba and harem pants by Perth designer label Zanthus.

The rest is not so local – tube top is from somewhere I can’t remember, shoes by Pierre Fontaine, and bracelet is by Diva.

I was in the mood for something casual. What I love most about the Perth lifestyle, is that it is really casual, laid back and understated, and I think that’s become my style of late.

I actually wanted to wear a jump suit. I’ve been searching all over the place for one, but I can’t find one that fits me! I’m too damn short and all the jumpsuits I’ve tried on make me look like I’ve been attacked by a parachute.

So I wore a pair of harem pants that I bought at a designer clothes sale the other week.

Harem pants are a tricky style to wear. You either have the body shape (and the inclination) to wear them, or you should just stay far, far away.

They make your thighs and butt look HUGE. So you have to pair them with a top which is preferably cropped and/or eye-catching enough to balance the outfit.

These pants are made from a soft jersey material, they are so fun to wear and I’m so in love with them. In fact, they are so comfy that I seriously feel like I was walking around in my tracksuit pants. How’s that for ultimate cool – turning up to a fashion industry event in your trackies?

At the event, I was pulled aside by a fashion editor and was photographed for the Christmas social pages – which was quite funny because… not everyone thought I looked cool.

You see, my children know that I’m interested in fashion. And my oldest son tries very hard to give constructive criticism and insightful comments on my outfits. But when he saw the harem pants, he sighed and said, “Sorry mum, you look awful. You’re wearing clown pants.”


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Cloth Diapers : Mummy Knows Best Online Shop: Happy Heinys and Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers Review

17 December 2009

Warning! This post contains a lot of discussion about baby nappies!

My baby is 8 months old and I have been using 50% cloth diapers and 50% disposable nappies since his birth. I find it very simple, good for the earth and I save a lot of money.

I’ve been using one particular brand of cloth diapers, Bumwear, which I adore. But many people have asked me about other popular diaper brands – which I have never tried, so I couldn’t really give an opinion.

I received an email from Mummy Knows Best, an online shop specializing in a wide range of cloth diapers and other eco-friendly baby products. I decided to try two very popular US brands that they stock.

I wanted to try them each for a good 4 weeks to make sure that I could give a good comparison. However, I discovered that I couldn’t really compare them… because they fill different needs.

Happy Heinys – One Size Diaper Review

Cloth Diapers -Happy Heinys One Sized Cloth Diapers

The theory of the One Sized Diaper is that you can buy many of these ONE SIZE diapers, and use them from birth to 3 years (or more). These diapers can fold and button up in a special way that makes them fit a teeny tiny baby, as well as a big tumbling toddler.

When I first opened one up, I was immediately irritated by the number of buttons! Gah. As if I have time to fasten all those buttons and work out which goes where. Altogether you have to fasten 11 buttons, when putting it on your baby.

But as I figured out how it worked, I was actually very impressed.

The fit was superb – snug and compact around my baby’s bum. And when it was under his clothes, it wasn’t bulky at all. I really, really liked this design!

Cloth Diapers -Happy Heinys One Sized Cloth Diapers

You can get the One Size Diapers with Velcro straps. But my preference is a diaper with Buttons Snaps (pictured). I have read some comments in a few forums, and it seems that diapers with Button Snaps last longer, but Velcro gives a better fit, especially before and after feeds, when your baby’s tummy has expanded to a size between the button holes!

The monkey and teddy bear prints are very cute too.

Check out the range of Happy Heinys One Sized Diaper at the Mummy Knows Best Shop.

Fuzzi Bunz – Perfect Sized Cloth Diaper Review

Cloth Diapers - Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers

Fuzzi Bunz also have a One Size Diaper, but I haven’t tested it out yet. Instead, I tried these Perfect Sized Diapers.

How they work is that they come in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

I suspect that they are only “perfect” once you know the size of your baby – which involves measuring your baby’s thigh size, bum size, bum rise, and categorising your baby as a “medium build” or “average”. So immediately it sounded like there was a lot hassle involved in finding the “perfect fit”.

But really, babies start off small. They get bigger. And bigger. Until they are borrowing your car keys on the weekend.

So why would you buy 8 smalls, 8 mediums and 8 large sizes? When you could just buy 24 One Size Diapers? The answer is FIT.

Your baby might have unusually large sumo thighs? Or have a short body? Or narrow hips? So a One Size Diaper might not be a good fit – which is pretty bad if you go out and buy 24 of them and they ALL don’t fit!

Cloth Diapers - Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers

In terms of FIT – They are nice and snug, not-bulky, not tight around the thighs, but unfortunately I ordered 2 MEDIUM diapers, and they were a little big for my baby (they came up above his belly button and half way up his back).

But there are only 4 BUTTONS on these diapers, so they are really quick, simple, no-fuss diapers. Also, it’s MUCH easier to insert the padding into these diapers.

I conclude that these diapers will be better for bigger and older babies, who don’t stay still, and wriggle around a lot – they are so much faster to button up!

Check out the range of Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers at Mummy Knows Best Shop.

In the end, you really need to own 18 – 24 cloth diapers to make them worth using. I really like the fact that I now have a mix of diaper brands, with slightly different cuts and fits. There are none that I dislike. I like them all for different reasons.

My advice is to buy 2 of each, use them for a while and then choose which fits your baby best!

Yes but what will I be doing?
I think I will buy 4 more Happy Heinys One Size Diapers to add to my collection (because my baby is still small). But when he turns 2, I’ll re-visit some larger sizes and buy some Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers.

NEW – Rump.a.rooz Diapers

Cloth Diapers - Rumparooz

The shop informed me that in January, they will start to sell new Rump.a.rooz Diapers, in some very, very cute designs – available for pre-order right now. Can’t wait to test them out too!

Mummy Knows Best also stocks cloth diapers, reusable cloth menstrual pads, designer maternity wear, breastfeeding accessories, organic prenatal tea, nursing tea, organic natural remedies, eco-friendly green toys and 100% natural household products.

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My Little Elves Hard at Work

16 December 2009

Christmas Card Making 2009

We have a little Christmas tradition in our house – we make our own Christmas cards for our immediate family members.

This used to be a really nice way for me and the kids to sit down and do a bit of craft.

We would paint each card individually, stick Christmas stickers, glue Christmas shapes, sprinkle glitter, use pipe cleaners, buttons and ribbons to create these hideous red-green-gold-silver artistic monstrosities.

But it was fun.

And the people who got the cards always went “Awww, handmade cards are always so special.”

However this year, both my children are in school… and it’s a classroom tradition to give Christmas cards to all your school friends. And yep, my kids INSISTED that they made their own cards.

So we went from making 12 special, beautiful cards to a FULL BLOWN CHRISTMAS CARD PRODUCTION LINE EMPLOYING UNDER-AGED CHILD LABOUR.

We made something crazy like 80 cards.

And when I say “we”, I actually mean I MADE 80 CARDS while the kids complained about being bored.

Christmas Card Making 2009

Thankfully I had the foresight to make the kids each paint ONE Christmas picture, so I could scan it, print multiple copies, cut them all out and paste them onto coloured paper.

My kids still got bored very quickly, so I spread the card making over several weeks.

My older child, who is 6, was pretty good with the card writing. He wrote his friend’s name, a message and his name in ALL his cards.

For my younger child, who is 4, I MADE him write his own name 30 times, and I did the rest.

I should have printed the message out as well, and made the kids stick that on too.

Then again, I SHOULD have printed out both the cover art and the message on one card, and save the cutting and pasting.



(The cards are pretty cute though!)

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Online Fashion Shopping – Alibi Online

15 December 2009

Fashion from Alibi Online

This outfit is from Alibi Online – an online fashion shop that stocks a nice collection of fashion clothes and accessories, including dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, tops, pants, shorts, coats – at very affordable prices.

They are also stockists for the well-known brand WISH, offering the latest Spring Summer range – which is great because you can browse and pick up your favourite WISH items without leaving your home (if you’re “time poor” like me).

I’m wearing a Boston Pencil Skirt (from the Alibi Range) which is a superb buy. It fits very well and has a good stretch to it.

The top is a Wave Tank (from WISH). It is a size 6 and it is a *little* big for me under the arms, but it’s so pretty, and it’s nothing a good seamstress can’t fix. And I love stuff from WISH!

The gorgeous Rosana Necklace and bracelets are from their Jewellery Collection.

Other great sections of the site are the WISH Tops Evening, WISH Dresses Evening, Alibi Tops Evening.

And of course the SALE section has heaps of excellent bargains.

Happy shopping!

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

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Inspired by Purple Snow – Jacaranda Blossom

14 December 2009


It’s that time of year again.

I am stunned and inspired by the show of light purple on the Jacaranda trees. They are everywhere in my home city, but one part of Perth has so many of them that I go there every December just to be astonished.

In Applecross, about 80 years ago, the local council gave thousands of Jacaranda saplings to the local schools, and the kids planted them all.

Now, the streets of Applecross are literally arched over with these huge, mature Jacarandas, and the streets and lawns are carpeted with the flowers as they tumble down like heavy snow in the ever reliable afternoon breeze.

I look up. Purple against the hot blue summer sky.

I look down. Purple against the cool green grass, the hard grey concrete, and the black, black road.

So beautiful.

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Designer Marketplace – Unwrapped: Leederville 2009

13 December 2009

Unwrapped is a new kind of marketplace in Perth, featuring West Australian designer products: men and women’s clothes, fashion, jewellery, accessories, homewares, gifts, art, skin care and more.

unwrapped-market-promo-image -designer-fashion-jewellery-homewares

Unwrapped is presenting 70 designers in total and it is said to be the biggest one-day designer market in town. There are also a few new designers from the recent Curtin University Fashion and Textile Show who will be selling their stuff, which sounds quite exciting, and I can’t wait to see what’s on offer.

If you’re looking for some unique Christmas gifts, head over there next weekend. It’s a perfect day out with girlfriends, since the venue is in the fashion/cafe strip on Oxford Street in Leederville.

The Leederville fashion/cafe strip on Oxford Street is so easy to get to. If you are already in the city shopping, you don’t even need to drive and re-park! The Leederville train station is only two minutes from the city, and the walk from the Leederville station to the shops is literally one minute.

If you see me, do stop to say hi!

Saturday 19 December 2009
10am – 5pm,
Leederville TAFE Campus,
196 Oxford Street (across from the Luna Cinema)
Admission: FREE

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Designer Fashion: Morrison Fashion Store and Online Shop Launch

11 December 2009

A few months ago, I wrote about designer fashion label Morrison,  and featured some women’s clothes from their latest collection. This week, I attended their new store opening in Market Street, Fremantle.

Morrison Designer Clothing

The Morrison store has been newly refurbished. They stripped off the wall renderings and plaster to reveal a patchwork of mis-matched brick walls, mortar and concrete, raw wooden and iron that tells of the long and varied history of the ancient building.

It was true to the Morrison style of natural, earthy tones and attention to detail – it was AMAZING!!

Morrison Designer Fashion Clothing and Accessories

And the clothes! Yikes, I was in heaven. Everything looked so stylish, simple and raw, yet polished and modern. They also have unique jewellery, gorgeous homewares, and other exquisitely beautiful things. Have I gushed enough?

Kylie Radford - Morrison Designer

It was lovely to meet Kylie Radford and Richard Poulson again – the husband and wife team behind Morrison.

They also told me about their new online shop Morrison Eboutique, which was launched recently. You can now buy Morrison clothes online, and they have international shipping!

The new Morrison Store is located at –
55 Market Street, Fremantle.

There is a really cool collection of fashion boutiques where Market Street meets High Street in the very centre of Fremantle, and so it is well worth a look!

Photo credits: Top image by Morrison. All other images by me.

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Fashion is A Business – Akira Isogawa, Antipodium, Josh Goot and Marnie Skillings

10 December 2009

In the last 4 weeks, I have been attending several evening events called Fashion Talks, held at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The talks featured some of Australia’s best designers and provided a rare opportunity to hear them speak about their backgrounds, journey into fashion, concepts behind their aesthetics and more.

I went to all four of the talks by Akira Isogawa, Antipodium, Josh Goot and Marnie Skillings, and got to meet some of the designers briefly.

Josh Goot and Karen Cheng

Me and fashion designer Josh Goot (who is rather hot if you ask me!). For some reason, he stopped smiling when the camera came out. Perhaps he has been hanging around with fashion models too long?

I thought that the format would be like a formal presentation, with each designer speaking for an hour, behind a podium, with a power point presentation, or something like that.

But it was much cooler than that! The format was chat-show interview style – two lounge chairs and a coffee table – with a facilitator (Jo Pickup) asking questions and the designer responding with interesting stories. This allowed their personalities to shine through, and the whole thing was like a relaxed conversation. It was very intimate and honest and I really enjoyed them.

There were many strong themes during all four talks – one was fashion as a creative outlet. I identified with this the most, because I am familiar with the creative process, and how design concepts start from inspiration, move through a development process and finally turn into a finished product. It was interesting to see how the design process is the same across all creative mediums.

But another strong theme was insight into the fashion industry. This covered all kinds of fascinating details such as sourcing material and fabrics, choosing patternmakers, seamstresses, quality control, stock distribution, investing in international fashion shows and trade shows.

The most interesting thing was hearing how each designer had done it differently – some chose to have garments made locally or overseas, some chose not to participate in international shows, some have a huge team working for them and some only employ 6 people etc.

And lastly, what I found to be most interesting, was the strong theme of fashion as a business.

They talked about balancing the creative direction with commercial appeal. Being mindful of budgets and financial forecasts. Being more strategic with returns on their investments of money and time. Each designer would say something like, “At the end of the day, it’s all about making money. We’re a business.”

I found myself walking away from each of the Fashion Talks deeply inspired. It was amazing to strip away the “fantasy of fashion” and hear about the nuts and bolts involved in running a fashion label. It was very inspiring to hear different ways people have chosen to run their business, and succeeded!

And while some might not agree, I liked the fact that we can hear designers talk so openly and honestly, and see that they are not gods, and that they are not all high-and-mighty.

It’s nice to know that they have a business to run and bills to pay, and really, they are just like the rest of us.

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So what does YOUR Christmas tree look like?

9 December 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

When you have an 8 month old baby crawling around eating EVERYTHING, you have to choose – put the baby in the play pen, or put the Christmas Tree in the play pen.

Baby wins (this time!)

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Online Shopping for Bags and Jewellery: Oroton Store Online

8 December 2009

Oroton Accessories online shopping store

I’m really enjoying the fact that some of my favourite brands have launched great online shops.

This means: browsing in my pyjamas, excellent shopping and browsing, and lots of online sales!

Here are a few small-sized goodies that caught my eyes from the Oroton Online Store.

On the left: Bluebell frame clutch wallet and vintage earrings.

On the right: Mesh Purse Keyfob, ornament mini wallet, and Irregular O bracelet.

They also have free Australian and international shipping until 23 Dec 2009! Enjoy!

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Children Should Come with A Sappiness Warning

7 December 2009

Liam at the Window

I was prancing around in my backyard on a Sunday afternoon, taking photos of my tomatoes, as you do.

When I walked past our lounge room window and saw my little baby sitting up and watching me.

He was just sitting quietly with his eyes locked on to me. He had the biggest smile on his face, and he chuckled at me with big happy eyes.

His gaze! His expression! He is only 8 months old, but his eyes said everything – he was looking at the happiest and most wonderful thing in his whole entire life. Me?

Omg, it was just magic.

I was seriously a moment away from breaking into tears on the other side of that window.

Thank goodness I had my camera to capture the moment.

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Ice Cream and Berry Parfait

4 December 2009

Ice Cream and Berry Parfait

I’m preparing for some very hot days over the weekend. I’m also doing a bit of entertaining, so I made these ice cream and berry parfaits as a last minute dessert for kids and adults!

Bottom layer – Crumbled shortbread and mixed-nut toasted muesli.

First middle layer – Scoops of homemade ice cream

Second middle layer – Homemade strawberry yoghurt (from Easiyo)

Top layer – Mixed frozen berries

Pop them in the freezer and serve icy cold!

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Daily Outfit: Curtin Fashion Show

3 December 2009

Daily Outfit: Curtin Fashion ShowSo this is what I wore to the Curtin Fashion Show last week.

I originally planned the outfit without any accessories. I wanted it to be a really simple and casual, thrown-together look.

But my neck felt so bare and it looked a bit weird – so I put on the statement necklace and chunky gold chain / leather bracelet. Looked so much better, what was I thinking?

The dress is from Seduce, leggings by American Apparel, shoes from Betts, bag from Myer, necklace and bracelet were gifts.

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but I did.

I felt like I was channelling my buried streak of wannabe glam-goth and rock-chick-ness (from my high school art days) to a good place. It felt very me, and I loved having it as my outer skin.

It’s a bit hard to see it here, but the dress has a shimmer of silver metallic. It’s very cool.

I was also testing out some new Napoleon Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer, sent to me by the lovely people at Napoleon Perdis.

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My New Hair Dryer Space Gun

2 December 2009


My old hair dryer (on the left above) has died a slow, painful death. It would splutter to a stop, then start up again a few minutes later. This made drying my hair in a hurry while I was late just that bit more exciting. I just kept with it, but the dryer finally died for good. Not bad for 8 years usage.

So off I went to buy a new one (on the right, above). Where do you buy hair dryers? It’s been years since I’ve bought one. There were hair dryers for $50 and hair dryers for $300. I went mid-range and bought a $80 one on sale.

When I bought my last hair dryer… they were just HOT AIR-BLOWING THINGS.

Now they have ultra silent technology, in-built ceramic ioniser, 3 speed switches, 3 different heat settings, cold air blasters, and active ionic hydrating technology. WTF? It’s just a stupid hairdryer!

When I got it home, my sons fell in love with it. Why?

Because “It looks like a space gun!”

And they are right, it does. It’s big, long, has multiple settings, and is sexy-as with chrome. And now I can’t get it out of my head. Every time I dry my hair, I feel like I’m zapping aliens from my ears. I even have to stop myself from making the noises of a space gun like the boys do.

I so need to spend more time with my girlfriends!

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Fashion and Textiles Design – Curtin University Graduation Show 2009

1 December 2009

Last week I went to the Curtin Fashion and Textiles Design Graduation Show 2009. It was very well produced for a student show, and I was extremely impressed.

Curtin Fashion Grad Show 2009

Dress designed by Rebecca Timson, mixing 18th Century fashion with contemporary Avant-Garde.

There were also plenty of fashion industry and media people attending, and the turnout was fantastic, so it also had the atmosphere of a “must attend” event. I went with a designer friend and we mingled and chatted to heaps of people we knew from the industry before the start.

We had front row VIP seats which allowed me to take up-close-and-personal snaps with my little point and shoot camera.

Curtin Fashion Grad Show 2009

Garments designed by Ellie Meyer, which had a very interesting concept of entomological specimens and beetle anatomy. I like!

The event was officially opened by fashion designer Megan Salmon, a past student at Curtin, and whose works I adore.

The calibre of works on the runway was excellent, and all the 21 collections were really strong. As a designer myself, I could see the strength of the concepts and presentation – and it was nice to read about the inspiration behind each of the graduates work in the show booklet provided.

Some of the garments that came down the runway would not have been out of place in an international level show. And there were plenty of wearable garments there. I went WOW, I’d would love to wear that right now – exactly as it is – several times!

Curtin Fashion Design Grad Show 2009

Emma Brown had this amazing dyed silk skirt as part of a dress which was lit up with crazy LED lights, it was so cool! (Images taken from the parade booklet. Photography by David Adams.)

The Curtin Grad Show really is establishing itself year by year for its production values, both in the collections produced, and the show itself, so all credit to the staff who run the course. Something very right is going on out at Curtin!

It was only at the end as I left, I realised that I probably should have taken some photos with all the people I talked to – some blogger I am!