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Fashion Find: Rootote Bags for Christmas

26 November 2009


I thought I might review some affordable gift ideas, in particular, casual totes from Rootote Bags.

On the left I’m showing off the Medium Luxe Sprout design – which features a faux leather base and trim, and has a magnetic clasp. Love the design!

I actually already own a bag from the Luxe range, and after a year of using it, the other day I decided to give it a clean.

I scrubbed it quite hard all over with a damp sponge scourer and some soap to get rid of stains and dirt scuffs.

I hung it up in the shade to dry, and it looked brand new!

It retained it’s shape very well and didn’t buckle or sag or stretch.

So I must admit, I was pretty impressed with it’s quality – especially for an affordable, casual, canvas bag.

The Medium range has some nice designs, including cutesy Japanese designs and stylish European-esque floral designs.


What is new to the Rootote range are the Thermo Keepers in 3 different sizes. I tried out the Lunch Sized (Bouquet) and so far it has been really handy.

They are lined with a kind of foil thermal lining – to keep things warm or cool. And they feature several inner pockets and a big zip up the top.

When I go out with my baby, I usually throw everything all in one huge bag – his meal things, nappy changing things, spare clothes, and blankets. Things often get jumbled around by the end of the day and I’m usually a little scared that a container might pop open and spill. And sometimes it’s very hard to find things!


So this is a nice way to keep all my food stuff separate. Especially the little pieces like spoons, tissues, bibs, wipes etc.

When I ask my mother to babysit for an hour or so, it’s great to have a little meal and milk kit all ready and packed for her.

It’s also great to take on picnics with my bigger kids. The other day I threw in all my little containers of cut fruit, 2 sets of sandwiches, biscuits, water bottle and an ice pack. It was so useful!

In the photos above, I didn’t pack the bag until it was completely full. I probably should have, just to show how much you could fit in it. So best to check out the measurements before you make a purchase.

Rootote are having a sale $10 off orders $50 and above, and a special AU$3 flat rate shipping Australia-wide.


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