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Central Institute / Central TAFE Fashion Graduate Show 2009

25 November 2009

It’s Fashion School Graduate Show Season again in Perth!

One of the most well-known and longest running grad shows in Perth is held by the Central Institute of Technology (formerly known as Central TAFE).

This year it was held in His Majesty’s Theatre, an immaculately restored Victorian era theatre right in the middle of the Perth Central Business District.


As we waited for the show to start, I was admiring the amazing ceiling that evoked another, grander, colonial time in history. Looks like a descending UFO!

There were 16 graduates, each with their own collection, and the full show was tied together with a theatrical theme,  with choreography and dramatic lighting to match. This meant that the show was not like a standard catwalk with models walking in a straight line down the runway – the models were dancing, running in circles and walking zigzag across the stage.  This certainly kept the dozen or so photographers on their toes all night.

The best thing about graduate shows, is seeing the work of young designers who are working with a freedom they may not have in industry. So it’s usually very exciting, inspiring and interesting. This evening there were the usual eclectic mix-up of runway couture that looked more like art, moody-urban edgy designs and quirky interpretations of classic looks and current trends.


I think my favourite for the night was (above) Catherine Mancini’s collection. It was very 70s rock glam/punk, yet with glamazon styling, and boasting great shape and forms. I was not surprised when Catherine won the award for Garment Construction Award at the end of the night.


Monnica J Marwick’s collection (above) was really eye-catching too. The recurrent face prints, palette and mood of her pieces were quite powerful, and I’d love to see them developed into a more wearable range.


I felt that the collection by Natalie Fardella had the most consumer-appeal, on-trend, ready to wear garments of the evening. Lots of ruffles! The stage lighting doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous colours – they were neutrals, pale blues and pinks. I’d love to see these clothes up close!

Other industry awards were won by Ashley Reader (Textiles and Print Awards) and Chloe Jones (Xpress Media Award).

So congratulations to the Central Institute / Central TAFE Fashion school on another year!