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19 November 2009

The Dreaded Christmas Photo

That’s right! It’s that time of the year where I dress my children up and bribe them with chocolates in order to take The Dreaded Christmas Photo.

It’s my fault really. I like to make photo calendars and framed photos for the grandparents and great-grandparents for Christmas.

Anyway, taking photos of children is so bloody hard. I seriously don’t know how professionals do it.

My kids are like squirrels with rockets up their bottoms. They can’t sit still!

They wriggle and jiggle, they poke their tongues out, they make googly eyes, they open their mouths so I can see their tonsils, grin so hard that I see all their gums, they stick fingers up their noses, scrunch up their faces, bring their knees up, twist their legs around their necks… GAH!

So this was the best one of the lot. Turned out ok.

I also avoided dressing them up in red and green Christmas colour theme. Instead I bought cool t-shirts from Threadless, when they were having a sale. I bought 5 tees for $9 each! I’m sure they’ll have another sale closer to Christmas, so check them out!