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18 November 2009

Clothes from Birdsnest

I think I may have found one of the best kept secrets of online shopping.

It’s like a massive online department store – jammed packed with so much good stuff!

I desperately wanted to feature them here and share the site with my girlfriends, so I wrote to them… and they said yes, they would love to advertise on my site! Yay!

So I’m happy to introduce to you all,

They are an online shop that sells women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery, maternity wear, kids wear, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes and men’s clothes.

Best things about them: Their massive range of clothes and accessories, they stock lots of familiar brands, they have lots of sale items, they have a wide range of styles, and their styles cover different ages from 18 – 45.

Not to mention their website is very well designed, so the shopping experience is excellent.

I picked a few things to try out – also testing out their sizing charts, the shopping cart, the number of images they display etc. It was all good.

Above I wearing a black tutu skirt – I’ve always wanted a tutu skirt! It’s super cute! Everything else I’m wearing is my own.

Clothes and Accessories from Birdsnest

I also ordered this sequined shoulder dress, which was just so cool and simple.

It’s kinda understated, has a touch of trend, made from a slinky jersey material (very comfy) and it looks a little dressed up without looking TOO dressed up. It’s very me, I think.

The jewellery and shoes are just other bits and pieces that caught my eye!

Clothes by Birdsnest

And here I’m going for a casual look, wearing a neutral silk ruffle top, a two-tone deep pocket skirt, and a gorgeous silver chandelier necklace.

The items on the side are some nice dresses I found which were priced under $100.

Do check out their sale items here, and their huge list of dresses here!

Or check out their whole range of tops here.
Whole range of skirts here.
All their jewellery here.

Happy shopping everyone!

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