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Baby Food Beginnings

5 November 2009

I have had lots of people asking me what kind of foods I feed my 7 month old baby. At the moment, it’s been very simple. Pureed vegetables and rice.

I’ve forgotten the strange pleasure of turning lumps of hard vegetables into velvety, soft, creamy mush, then filling up freezer bags of colourful ice cubes.

And at the risk of sounding like a complete nerd, I just have to say – vegetable colours are so beautiful.

So without further ado, I hereby introduce you to baby food porn and all its pureed goodness!

Baby Food Beginnings

This is raw pumpkin, chopped, ready for steaming and pureeing.

Baby Food Beginnings

Pureed pumpkin. I find it hilarious that it looks the same coming out of the baby, as it does going in.

Ok move along, don’t look and think about it for too long.

Baby Food Beginnings

Chopped carrots. Just check out the colour of the orange!

Baby Food Beginnings

Broccoli, green beans and mushy white rice. Doesn’t the deep green just scream CALCIUM!

Baby Food Beginnings

I slop all the goop into ice cube trays. When it’s all frozen, I transfer them into labelled freezer bags.

Then before feeding time, I defrost various combinations of green mush and orange mush, or mix it with mashed banana, apple puree or pear puree.

When I make apple and pear puree, it always turns out too tart, or just funny tasting. So I buy ready-made fruit purees and mix it with my own vegetable mixes.

I’ve been making baby food by the truck load these last few days. Liam is soooo hungry!

I’m sure there’s a growth spurt on the way. Or maybe just a very big pumkin coloured poo.