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CiaoBella Travel Accessories

3 November 2009

Ciao Bella Travel Accessories

With a family of young children, I never thought myself to be a regular jet setter.

However last year, in July I flew to Singapore for 4 days for my birthday. Then in August I flew interstate to Melbourne for 5 days for a blogging trip. Then in October I took another interstate flight to Adelaide for 3 days to interview Lance Armstrong.

Prior to each trip, I was very rushed and busy. And in terms of travel accessories and belongings, I was very ill-equipped.

I threw things in plastic shopping bags, I bundled up my papers with rubber bands, I used a lot of zip lock bags, I used cheap bottles to store my face and body washes (which of course, leaked and spilled everywhere) and I put all my jewellery in a little cloth bag (which made everything get tangled up.)

I guess I see myself as a very inexperienced traveller, and sought to find some good quality travel accessories – so I could at least be more equipped the next time I travel.

I came across CiaoBella Travel, an online shop that stocks all kinds of handy bags, luggage tags, travel pillows, beauty products, travel clothes and more, for a stylish traveller.

I loved their site, contacted them, received some goods to review, and yay, it was ALL GREAT STUFF!

Pictured above, I tested out this very stylish, silver mesh jewellery pouch. It features 2 pockets, a necklace clip, and you can poke your earring studs through the material if you want. They have some other very cool jewellery cases too.

Ciao Bella Travel Accessories

Ok so I don’t know about you, but by the end of my trips, I end up with 3 or 4 bags in my suitcase. Some bags for rubbish, some for new clothes, some for shoes, some for wet clothes, and I get them all mixed up, and I’m always terrified that I might throw away the wrong bag, so I always spend a lot of time opening up this bag and that bag to check check check.

Anyway, I thought these laundry lingerie & shoe bags were such a cute and simple idea. They can definitely fit more than what I have photographed here.

Ciao Bella Travel Accessories

Another fab idea, is this Wash Me Wear Me Bag! Basically two cloth bags (with lining) sewn together. You put your fresh undies in one pouch, and the worn ones in the other!

Ciao Bella Travel Accessories

Here’s something I have always needed – a travel wallet to keep all my important documents in one place, with a buckle.

And I think my favourite of the lot are these super stylish and practical Fold Out Bath and Cosmetic Bags that fold out and hang vertically!

Anyway, even if these things are not for you, travel accessories make excellent gifts for Christmas.

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