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The Curious Case of the Missing Boot

2 November 2009

On the weekend, we drove out to the Swan River for a stroll. We went to a quiet part of the river, where there were little deserted beaches, small fishing jetties bushy thickets and muddy banks.

We stopped by a jetty and noticed that the tide had gone out.

The boys looked at each other, looked back at us, then RAN AND JUMPED OFF THE JETTY INTO ANKLE DEEP MUD!

They looked for treasure and all kinds of goodies hidden in the black sludge – collecting old bottles, bottle tops, cans, drinking straws, chip packets, tipping the muddy contents out on the jetty and smearing it all over themselves.

My husband and I stood there thinking – Is there something wrong with us? How on earth did we manage to raise such feral kids, who celebrate over a pile of rubbish? Other parents must think we deprive our children of childhood necessities like Ben10 and soap.

They were SO dirty by the end of it. Their jeans, t-shirts, hands, faces, and hair were covered with mud and sand! And they smelt SO BAD – like dead fish and seaweed! Gah! BOYS!

The Curious Case of the Missing Boot

They looked for messages inside the bottles. And my oldest boy kept saying hilarious things like, “Mum what’s a bottle of COLD? Do they mean that the bottle is cold? But what if it’s warm? And why would someone buy a bottle of LITTLE CREATURES, and do you actually drink the creatures??”

The Curious Case of the Missing Boot

Then we noticed that our 4.5 year old, Sean, had a missing boot. He said it flew off somewhere, and I was quite annoyed that he failed to notify us about it, when it happened.

We searched and searched and eventually found it stuck in the mud, several paces off the shore. Sitting like a lonely, washed up sea animal.

The Curious Case of the Missing Boot

What was more interesting, was how me managed to keep his sock so clean!